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Greetings from the NAPE staff
Dear Professional Learning Community,

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying your summer thus far. It is hard to believe that school starts in the next couple of weeks. My teenage son and daughter begin 2 weeks from today!

We have several resources to share with you in this month's Pipeline Press (see below). In addition, for those of you in the work of career and technical education and Perkins V planning, this year will be filled with state- and local-level activities to develop the first set of plans under the new legislation. You will find helpful resources on our Perkins V webpage. Dr. Ricardo Romanillos, NAPE Director of Professional Learning, and I will be at each of the Perkins V Implementation Meetings this summer and fall, so please look for us if you have any questions or need assistance.

For this first planning cycle, the Office of Career Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE) at the US Department of Education will develop a new Nontraditional Crosswalk to identify nontraditional occupations based on the newest CIP (Classification of Instructional Program) codes recently released. You can expect to see those later this fall. I will keep you posted as I learn more.

This fall we will also release our new "Equity in Youth Apprenticeship" Toolkit as part of the Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship (PAYA) Program. We are excited to release this new resource to PAYA grantees to assist them in designing, developing, and implementing youth apprenticeships that have equitable outcomes as a key criterion for success. This week, Dr. Lisa Williams, NAPE Equity Instructor, and I will be the plenary speakers at the American Apprenticeship Initiative Fourth Annual Grantee National Meeting in Arlington, Virginia, where we will focus on "Equity in Apprenticeships: Realizing the Potential of the Workforce." We will keep you posted and share relevant resources as they are released.

As you plan for the new academic and fiscal year, you will find helpful resources and tools on the NAPE website. Please let us know what else would be useful in your work by emailing us at

Thank you for being a part of this Virtual Learning Community, and have a great rest of the summer!

Warmest regards,
Alexa, Can You Give Girls a Voice?
Sabina Bharwani, EdSurge
Confidence in skills is crucial to success in STEM fields, but many girls suffer from "imposter syndrome" because they don't have enough opportunities to build that confidence.Programs such as Hello World help female students and students of color gain hands-on experience and affirm their skills are valuable. Read More >>
Here's Why We Need More Diversity in AI
Amy Farley, Fast Company
What happens when the training data that feeds our artificial intelligence is limited or flawed? We get biased products and services. Read More >>
At STEM Competitions, Gender Norms Still Hold Girls Back
Sarah White, Discover Magazine
Science competitions can be an important factor in stimulating interest in STEM fields, but women hold only 24 percent of STEM jobs in the United States. With women under-represented on the podium at these competitions, this trend could be exacerbating rather than helping narrow the science gender gap. Read More >>
Meet 3 Teen Girls Who Made Their Own Apps--While Still In High School
Anabel Pasarow, Refinery29
When it comes to coding, Gen Z is proving itself a force to be reckoned with. This week at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, app developers the world over descended on San Jose, CA, armed with fresh apps and ideas for a series of labs, talks, and consultations with Apple experts, and we got to talk to three such developers--all of whom are 18 or younger. Read More >>
Girls' Superb Verbal Skills May Contribute to the Gender Gap in Math
Katherine J. Wu, Nova
Girls are great at math. But if they're even better at reading, they might be more motivated to choose a humanities-focused career. Read More >>
Netflix's "See You Yesterday" Is About the Power of Black Girls in STEM
Terrence Chappell, Teen Vogue
The critically-acclaimed Stefon Bristol film takes a novel approach to grief over a fatal police shooting of a loved one, while supporting the notion that Black and brown kids are interested and proficient in STEM even in lieu of statistics. Read More >>
The Future of Higher Education and Industry
Janet Kline, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
Historically black colleges and universities need to build capacity and partner with businesses to prepare students for future jobs in areas such as cybersecurity, says Harry Williams, president and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Read More >>
STEM Networks Aim to Diversify Tech Fields
Thomas Chengxi Zou, The Seattle Globalist
It's important for STEM students from diverse backgrounds to find a sense of community to achieve sustained success, as students who are Hispanic and black are underrepresented in STEM occupations. Professional and student organizations can be pivotal for students who may lack role models in STEM. Read More >>
Study Finds Women Undergrads in STEM Facing "Chilly" Campus Climate
Pearl Stewart, Diverse Issues in Higher Education
In an article titled "Identity, Campus Climate, and Burnout Among Undergraduate Women in STEM Fields," Purdue University professor Dr. Eric Deemer and Ph.D. student Laura Jensen wrote that respondents often described an unpleasant campus climate "associated with increased emotional exhaustion and cynicism, although not decreased academic efficacy. Read More >>
"Now I Know I'm Not Alone." Study highlights challenges LGBTQ workers in STEM face
Katie Langin, AAAS
"I'm living a double life." That's what Sandra, a transgender woman and professor of chemistry, told researchers when she was asked to describe how she navigates her personal and professional identity. "Many of my colleagues have never even seen me presenting as a woman," she added. Read More >>
How to Fight STEM's Unconscious Bias against LGBTQ People
Jon Freeman, Scientific American
To boost inclusivity, we need to do better at tracking data and holding institutions accountable. Read More >>
"40-Year-Old Interns" Are Helping STEM Companies Achieve Gender Parity
Erin Spencer, Forbes
IBM is one of 19 companies in the STEM industry as part of the STEM Reentry Task Force that have now launched re-entry programs designed to reintegrate candidates into the workforce, catch them up to speed and ideally get them into long-term positions. Read More >>
Here's One Simple Way to Get More Women into Higher-Paying STEM Jobs
Meer Jagannathan, MarketWatch
One way to bring more women to the STEM table: Have fewer students in a classroom. Expanding class size in STEM classrooms has the greatest negative effect on female class participation, according to a new study published in the peer-reviewed journal BioScience.  
STEM Gap: No State Has More Women Than Men With Tech Degrees
Eric Griffith, PC
While more women are getting STEM degrees and jobs than ever, they still lag behind the number of men. The lack of jobs may be the biggest problem down the road. Read More >>
Where Are All the Working Mothers in STEM?
Cui Wang, Scientific American
Unfortunately, career vs. family is too often still seen as an either/or choice. Read More >>
Born to Win, Schooled to Lose 
Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
The American Dream promises that individual talent will be rewarded, regardless of where one comes from or who one's parents are. But the reality of what transpires along America's K-12-to-career pipeline reveals a sorting of America's most talented youth by affluence-not merit. Read More >>
Downloadable STEM Role Model Posters
Beyond Curie
Videos: Sony Pictures Animation and Rovio Entertainment join the Ad Council to launch new PSAs reminding girls that there's no limit to what they can achieve with STEM
As part of the National Science Foundation-funded Storybook STEM project, TERC and the University of Notre Dame are seeking input from researchers and educators who are using (or have used) children's books as a tool for supporting STEM learning with preschool-age children (ages 3 to 5) and their families.
NAPE's whereabouts

8/5-6: Lane ESD, Micromessaging/Project Based Learning/Culturally Responsive Teaching (OR)
8/7: Dallas ISD STEM Equity Academy (TX)
8/7-8: Department of Education, Micromessaging/Nontraditional Occupations (NH)
8/13: South Coast ESD, Micromessaging (OR)
8/26-28: Program of Work Meeting (OH)
8/27: Carroll Co. Public Schools, Micromessaging (MD)
8/29-30: Strategic Planning Meeting (OH)
8/30: State Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education, Micromessaging/Nontraditional Occupations (Virgin Islands)