This weekend weighs heavy on us pirates, as many of our recipients joined the military, moved by an attack on our soil and wanting to defend their families and country from further harm. The founders of this organization wanted to give back to the brave men and women who responded to that call and found themselves in harms way, some injured in combat, others serving their brothers and sisters and facing injury or disease after service.
Seventeen years ago we started this effort and met so many of you who saw this unfold as teenagers graduating from high school and signing up for military service, leaving college to serve, others planning on enlisting only to have a life-altering event change their plans.
It introduced us to military of all conflicts, of those who served in peace and in war, as well as civilians who have so much in common with them navigating the world differently.
Together YOU created this band of pirates who continues to lift each other up, celebrating each others differences, living life to its fullest.
May this weekend we remember those lost, those still with us, and continue to strive for a peaceful world of accessibility and inclusion,
The Crew

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