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Pistol Match moved to the 19th

Hi all. Jim Groce here with info for the November 12, 2022 pistol match.

It is being rescheduled due to muddy range being unsafe and therefore unusable

We'll do stage setups on Range A starting at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 19th instead. The pre- and post-match briefings will be in the club house. Looks to be a slight bit chilly for the first part of the day. So, prepare appropriately. 

Attached page 1 and Page 2 are the standard rules for our monthly pistol matches and the November match stage layouts. Print these out if you want your own hardcopy.

I'm sad to have to do this, but canceling tomorrow's pistol match. Due to the rain, Range A ground conditions will not be dry enough to allow us to have the match. So, we are moving it to Saturday morning normal time on November 19th the same day, yes, as the Rifle Match and the Swap Meet. It will be a busy and most exciting day for our club to have 3 major events happening. We have had two events many times, but this is a first as far as i remember to have events. I wonder if you participate in both rifle and pistol matches...will you be able to participate in both. That is possible i believe. Check with the match directors when you arrive.

Range A construction progress is continuing and will be discussed further at the board meeting this coming Thursday the 17th. We don't expect normal Range A operation on the 19th, but the Pistol match can held since the match is held near the berm and will not involve the shooting benches that are under construction.

Special Prize this Match !

Something a little different for this month's match. Bob Barnes donated a gun cleaning kit as a prize at last month's pistol match. We didn't have a method selected for awarding it to anyone prior to end of last month's match. So, we'll do that this month !

At the match pre-brief in the clubhouse, all pistol match participants will be given the opportunity to state his (or her) name, something about himself, and guess a number between 0 and 1001 (end point numbers are exclusive). I have a sealed envelope containing a sheet of paper with a number written on it. Whoever guesses closest to that number will win Bob's donated prize. In the event of a tie between two or more people, then the winner will be determined by whoever ranks higher on the overall pistol match scores for this month's pistol match.

Many thanks to Bob Barnes for this contribution.

Additionally, Bob has also provided 6 boxes of 50 rounds of .38 SPL wadcutter ammo for our use in an upcoming pistol match. We will need to do another match incorporating revolver usage.

prize for Nov pistol match