Happy New Year
Dear Friends,

In this joyful period of Christmas celebrations, our thoughts and our hearts are always with the underprivileged children we support in the poorest areas of the world.

We invite you to share once again our dream of giving children a better future and of improving our results achieved so far:
  • Over 3.500 underprivileged children have received access to school, basic health care, and nutrition
  • 513 beneficiaries have completed professional school
  • Over 45 infrastructure projects have been completed including schools, dormitories, sanitation facilities, primary health care centers, and water system projects
  • Over 32 village communities impacted

How your contribution can help on average:
  • 5 € provides one backpack
  • 50 € provides transportation to school for one full year for one child
  • 40 € provides for a full new set of three uniforms, belt, socks, and shoes for one child
  • 80 € provides lunch meals for one year for secondary and professional school students
  • 200 € funds a scholarship for one child for one full year (including uniforms, meals, transport to school, school supplies)

Thank you for any support you would like to offer to our children!

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


Pistorio Foundation

On the way to school, on the way to life