Giving a Good Breed a Better Name
More "pit bulls," and dogs misidentified as such, die in U.S. shelters each year than any other dog.  They make up the majority of dogs entering the shelter system due to breed discrimination, misperception, and popularity with backyard breeders.  And, they also represent the largest number of animal cruelty and neglect victims arriving in shelters each year.     
That's why HSHC dedicates the month of March to Pit Bull Education. 
First, it's important to understand that "Pit Bull" is nothing more than a catchall term referring to "bully breed" type dogs. From large-and-in-charge Boxers, American Bulldogs, and Mastiffs, to short and stout Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs and Staffordshire Terriers, there are a variety of dogs that fall under the category of "bully breed"--including the Ame rican Pit Bull Terrier.  These dogs are distant relatives sharing similar physical characteristics, tenacity, and an unwavering loyalty to their people.      
Once Upon a Time
Did you know that the American Pit Bull Terrier was once coined as "America's Dog"? During WWI and WWWII, "pit bulls" were used in advertising as our national mascot. The breed was so loved that America made them their sign of fearlessness and protection.  
"Pit Bulls" were also some of the first dogs to serve along side our military. Sergeant Stubby is one of the most well-known war dogs. During WWI, he served 18 months on the front lines in 17 battles and 4 different campaigns. Stubby was known for distinguishing between American soldiers and their enemies when getting his comrades help, carrying messages under fire, and detecting incoming attacks of mustard gas and alerting his humans.
Fast forward to the last 20 years with the increase of dog fighting rings and popularity of the breed with irresponsible pet owners. The number of "pit bulls" often seen chained out in yards in inner city neighborhoods and more depressed socio-economic areas is a common sight. Many are not spayed or neutered, and many live their lives on chains and tethers.  These dogs are called "yard/guard" dogs because they often go without proper socialization and serve only one purpose--to guard.  They aren't living the life of a "family dog." Unfortunately, dogs of any breed are 3 times more likely to become aggressive if they are not (1) spayed or neutered and (2) live the life of a yard/guard dog.  
Today, the breed who was once revered as "America's Dog" is now the one most likely to die in America.  We're working hard to change that by restoring the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier to its rightful place as a great family dog. 

Part of that advocacy includes our  award-winning Pit Bull Angel Program.    Because if any breed of dogs needs an angel right now, it's them.
The "Pit Bull Angel" Program
With so many of these dogs in need, often neglected and abused, and waiting longer than any others for a home, we are always in need of individuals to sponsor their care, foster those in need of healing or a break, and, of course, provide adoptive homes.   
When you open your heart, home, and/or check book in support of these dogs, you're not just a're an angel.   
Plus, this month, anyone who joins our Pit Bull Angel Network as a sponsor, adopter, or active foster, will receive a FREE Pit Bull Angel T-Shirt! Limit one shirt per family. 
(1) Sponsor a Pit Bull 
Please help fund the daily care of a pit bull or bully breed dog with a monthly recurring, tax-deductible gift.  When weeks often turn to months for these dogs, it's your generous donations that ensure time never runs out for harder-to-place pets. 
(2) Foster a Pit Bull 
Because these dogs do often wait longer for homes, and many arrive with life-threatening injuries or illnesses, having a temporary home in which to heal their hearts and minds is critical. HSHC will cover 100% of all costs associated with fostering any shelter animal.  You just need to open your heart and home.  
(3) Adopt
"Pit Bulls" wait longer for homes in spite of their excellent temperament test scores that are consistent with the annual results published by th e American Temperament Test Society. 
So, please consider giving one of these great dogs the home they deserve. 


Show off your support with one of our 2019 Pit Bull Education T-Shirts.  

This year's sugar skull shirt features the original artwork of HSHC employee, Jessi Schillinger, and the beautiful face of HSHC alum, Polly.  Polly waited for a home for nearly one year. 

We couldn't be happier to report she finally found her angel, U.S. Marine veteran, David Boyd, through our Pets Healing Vets Program.


Upcoming Events
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Plus, thanks to our friends at Crown Liquors, you'll be able to purchase your favorite wines that evening at a discount!
New This Year
  • You asked for activities seating to be in one area--and now we've got it at the brand new Embassy Suites in Noblesville!
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Meet Our Featured Adoptables
Meet Zola
5 year old, Pit Bull/Labrador Mix
We started to tell Zola's story ... but then she insisted she tell it herself!

"I am a sweet and affectionate dog who LOVES people and wants more than anything to find my forever and ever home. I am housebroken, crate trained, spayed, and I walk on a leash well. I recently spent some quality time with a dog walker who gave me a glowing review. She described me as extremely sweet, primarily interested in following and being with her.  I was not distracted by birds or other dogs or even the cat. I am focused on loving my person.
Here's the thing.  I have been waiting here so long I've lost count of the weeks, the months.  Yes, I'm a black pit bull that people think is scary.  To be honest, I don't show all that well at the shelter.  I don't want to be here anymore.  I'm so tired of this cage and all the stress.  This isn't where I shine.  I need to be out of the shelter where I can breathe and be the real me--the Zola that the staff and volunteers so much.   I know you could love me like that.  All I need is a chance."
p.s. My fee is only $25 in March so time's a tickin'! 
Meet Princess Peach
7 year old, Shorthair Tabby
A long-time member of Club HSHC, Princess Peach is ready to find a final forever home. 

Like her Mario Kart namesake, our Princess Peach is in need of rescue. Over the years, our princess has put on a few pounds due to the lack of space for exercise.  It happens to the best of us, sister, so no judgement here.

While Princess Peach prefers to think of herself as "curvy," we do think a home where she can shed a few pounds is best.  She also loves her daily joint supplements - they help with the pain from her front declaw and the extra strain on her bones.
Princess Peach LOVES attention and wants nothing more than a person to call her own.  
Corporate Sponsors of the Month

Tails From Home
Tails from Home
Captain Jack & Ross
Meet Ross & Captain Jack - members of HSHC's Pets Healing Vets program. Pets Healing Vets pairs Hoosier Veterans suffering from PTSD or TBI with emotional support shelter animals. 

When Ross first took Jack home, he was a little nervous, but Jack's huge smile and personality took over and they became inseparable. Ross has seen improvement in his life since Captain Jack joined the pack, and Jack couldn't be happier with all the green space to play in, long walks, and couch cuddle sessions. 

Ross and Captain Jack are currently in the midst of a major tug'o'war competition, and we at the shelter cannot wait to see what adventures these best friends will go on next.

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Trends for Tails is located at 1109 S 10th Street in Noblesville next to Ginger's Cafe.