Register for Pit Orchestra Class
Dear Parents,

Is your student participating in the 2019 Samohi Theatre Spring Musical Pit Orchestra? If you want your student musician to get a GRADE and CREDIT for being part of the Pit Orchestra, please complete the form at the link below:

It is possible to complete the form without making any payments. Please ignore any "empty cart" error messages. You will receive an email receipt for filling out the form, with or without payment.

For more information, and/or to sign up for the Pit Orchestra "Remind" class, please visit:

We plan to use "Remind" to inform everyone when rehearsal ends early.
Other links:

(PDF file - subject to change)

(does not include nights when dinner is served)

Email principal volunteers:
Cydney Kirschbaum <>
Alisa Stewart <>

The Samohi Pit Orchestra is under the direction of Mr. Terry Sakow <>
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