September 2020
A Message from the Executive Director


Welcome back to school!
"Back to school" has a different meaning this year, since we are starting the 2020-2021 school year via distance learning, but - thanks to Pivot's distance learning expertise - the way we operate as a school community is essentially unchanged. We have perfected online and distance learning the last 10 years and are thrilled your student will be benefiting from our years of experience.  
Our dedicated staff and Educational Coordinators have been working hard to make some exciting new resources and tools available, particularly with onsite instruction currently on hold. All Pivot students are starting the school year with access to an expanded Pivotwide online workshop schedule. Through the workshops, students will be able to get assistance in their courses from credentialed teachers in the subject matter, receiving the support they need to be successful while also meeting teachers and students from different Pivot Charter Schools. Pivot students also now have access to more teachers' office hours, including the teachers who grade their coursework. Teachers will be conducting twice-a-week meetings with students, and once-a-month meetings with parents or guardians, via video conferencing.
These new programs emphasize something that is so important to remember as we embark on the 2020-2021 school year - our Pivotwide community. While we may be geographically separated, in terms of each distance-learning student in their own unique location as school starts and in terms of our four resource center locations, we are one Pivot family. Now more than ever, I see how powerful our community is in our ability to virtually connect with and support one another. I hope as the school year begins, we continue to grow, strengthen and maintain connections among Pivot students, teachers, families and staff. If you have ideas or suggestions for how we can continue to connect as a Pivotwide community, I would love to hear from you.
Moving forward, Pivot is going to continue to monitor state requirements related to COVID-19, and we are going to make decisions at four-week intervals regarding potentially reopening the resource centers. As we've announced previously, all Pivot resource centers are currently closed through September 30. We are going to give families enough time to make arrangements, while avoiding lots of bouncing back and forth between being open and closed. We can't wait to see each of you in-person, whenever that day may come!
In closing, I want to remind each of you that Pivot Charter School's program is designed to ensure student success through distance learning. This is a different kind of school year, but as a Pivot community we are uniquely equipped to succeed and excel in 2020-2021. Together we will stay focused on the 3 Rs of 2020: 


Jayna Gaskell
Executive Director
Pivot Charter Schools

Pivot Welcomes 10 New Staff Members
Pivot Charter School is excited to announce that 10 new staff members will be joining our team of educational coordinators and support staff for the 2020-2021 school year -- a record number of new staff to start the school year.
You can read about each new Pivot staff member HERE.
Teacher Spotlight - Kristen Poitras, MTSS Coordinator
Pivot Charter School's Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Coordinator Kristen Poitras always wanted to work with children - even when she was a child herself. At Pivot, Kristen said she loves providing a holistic approach to education for every Pivot student.

You can read more about Kristen HERE.
Five Distance Learning Tips to Start Your School Year Off Right
Pivot operates on the belief that all students can reach their goals and succeed in their education. This is why Pivot provides students with online access to their courses 100% of the time, providing a flexible schedule.

Since Pivot will begin the school year completely online, we have compiled some tips to help students and families adjust to and succeed at distance learning.

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2020 Calendar 
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Upcoming Events at Pivot North Valley!

October 12:
Indigenous People's Day

October 13:
Teacher Work Day

November 11:
Veterans Day

Pivot Pets!
Clay the Cat is helping Bill Calleja, Riverside Site Coordinator, work from home.

North Valley Educational Coordinator Heather McGuire's dog Woodford is enjoying the sunshine.

Isabelle Gast, Educational Coordinator at North Bay and her bird Clover are trying to get a head start on the school year.

North Valley Educational Coordinator Travis Bennett's dog Frank is using quarantine to spend more time with his toys.

The School Store is Open Through September 18!

To kick-off the 2020-2021 school year, Pivot is excited to reopen our Student Store until Friday, September 18!

The gear you'll see in the store reflects Pivot's updated look and feel, which we unveiled in May. The new logo and colors do a fantastic job capturing the spirit of who we are as a community, and we can't wait to see you representing the new look! 

Visit the Student Store HERE.