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Compact ATR Enclosures - OpenVPX, Other

Keeping SWaP (Size, Weight, Power) low is a primary concern for Mil/Aero applications.  The Pixus 3+1 slot OpenVPX 1/2 ATR is designed to minimize size and weight and maximize cooling performance.  The enclosure has 3 OpenVPX slots and 1 VITA 62 PSU slot in a rear-loaded configuration.  This approach save space and supports a rugged and reliable cabling configuration.  

For more information on Pixus ATR enclosures, including heat-exchange versions, contact us.  
New Products/Features
Compact Instrumentation Cases

Pixus' line of Vario and RiCase brand instrumentation cases also come in compact sizes.  The typical configurations include 42HP(1/2 of 19"), 63HP, and 84HP widths.  Heights range from 2U-10U and above, with various enclosure depths.  There is also a wide range of accessories and options including mounting kits, carry handles, feet, colors, silkscreening, and more.  
Component Corner
PCB Protective Covers
Pixus offers protective covers for the solder side of Eurocard PCBs.  They come in solid and perforated options.  Other board-level products from Pixus include ejector handles, faceplates, PCB spacers and mounting tabs, and more.  See our literature page for more details.