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Creative Conduction-Cooled Solutions for Superior SWaP

Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) are key elements in many applications, especially Mil/Aero.  Today "Cost" is another primary concern.  To reduce SWaP, Pixus offers a variety of  standard and purpose-built solutions that maximize space efficiency based on your performance requirements.  Hybrid conduction-cooled and air cooled designs are also available.   

On the cost-front, Pixus utilizes create design techniques and finds the best components industry-wide to offer you a cost-effective, proven solution.   Contact Pixus today to discuss your application or visit our Rugged Enclosures section of our Web site. 

New Products/Features
Instrumentation Cases for Large Systems 

Pixus offers instrumentation cases in larger sizes (up to 12U) and depths (up to 540mm).  The stylish RiPac series features rounded corners, aesthetic designs and multiple color base options.  The modular enclosure system has versatile mounting throughout the case. 
Component Corner
Hard-To-Find Components for Enclosures and Board Products
Pixus offers a vast selection of components for embedded boards and enclosures, even some of the  harder-to-find items .  This includes all types of hardware, microswitches, gasketing, keying plugs, and less-common versions of our standard panels, rails, covers, etc.  See the Literature page for our full catalog.