Hello Casey,

The Parents’ Association is happy to offer a Pizza Lunch for the 2022-2023 school year. The Pizza Lunch option is available to students in grades PK3 (full day only) through 8th grade. The lunch consists of 1 or 2 slices of pizza and a pack of cookies (cookies will vary but may include Oreos, Chocolate Chip or another non-nut cookie). Students should bring their own drink and an additional snack (if desired). There will be eight pizza lunches during the year, please see dates below.

Please click the button below to access the Pizza Lunch Form. ALL STUDENTS (PK3 full day - 8th) MUST HAVE A FORM COMPLETED INDICATING WHETHER OR NOT YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO PARTICIPATE IN PIZZA LUNCHES BY TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th.  You will receive an emailed confirmation from Google Forms after successfully completing the form (if you don't receive it, it did not go through). Please note, this is a one time offering (the ONLY time to sign up for pizza lunch) for the year.  

We appreciate your timely response.

Thank you!



October 12th

November 9th

December 14th

January 21st

February 8th

March 8th

April 12th

May 10th

● Single slice option - $24 for the year

● Two slices option - $48 for the year

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