The theme of this week's bag is one of our favorites -- Pizza Night! Included in this week's omnivore share is a special treat. At Ohio City Provisions, we've been perfecting our pasture raised beef/pork pepperoni blend. After a few test batches, we think you'll be happy with this new product. The team at OCP probably won't want to have a pepperoni pizza anytime soon after hand-slicing and packing 800 packages! But we think it's totally worth it and hope you enjoy it.

We also have a few promos this week -- Eggs & Freezer Meat Bundles. More details below.

It's looking like it's going to be a chilly week out there -- stay warm & bundle up for pick-up!

Trevor & the FFM Team
Pizza Week
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No Commitment Required This Week

This week we're opening up pizza week for a one-time purchase + a few select items in the online shop (staples like eggs & milk, plus the meat bundles listed below).

Check out our pizza guide for instructions on how to bake the dough balls into a crispy crust.

*find the "Pizza Bag" in the "Extra One-Time Share" category in the online shop
Sales & Bundles
Eggs - 2 for $7.50
The hardest part about being your own supply chain is balancing supply & demand. Our demand is strongest spring thru the holidays...then demand drops sharply.

Sadly, I can't get the hens to stop laying eggs, so we have to put them on sale from time to time to keep them moving.

Stock up or treat a neighbor to our delicious farm fresh eggs. $0.50 off.
Marinated Beef Chuck Roasts
We're featuring this item in the Carnivore Share this week & we have a limited amount of extra roasts! Once they're sold out, they will no longer appear on the website.

One of the most satisfying meals is a perfectly braised beef roast. Well, we took one step out of it for you. The red wine marinade.

We took our grassfed beef chuck roasts and vacuum sealed them in a red wine marinade with mirepoix for a classic french presentation.

Ingredients include: grassfed beef, red wine, madeira, port, red wine vinegar, oil, carrots, onion, celery, bay, herbs, salt and pepper.

INSTRUCTIONS: Remove from bag, reserve marinade and strain through fine mesh sieve. Pat the roast dry, season with salt and pepper. Sear roast in a hot skillet with oil. In a small to medium sized skillet, reduce marinade by half. Then, pour marinade back over roast and add at least as much or more stock (water would work here too if you do not have stock). Braise in oven proof pan, 275 degrees covered, until tender approx. 3 hrs. Remove beef from pan, let cool some. Separate meat from bone and sinew. Reduce cooking liquid for pan sauce or gravy.  
Breakfast Meat Favorites
2 each of your breakfast favorites for $45

2 lbs nitrate free smoked bacon
2 lbs bacon breakfast patties
2 lbs maple breakfast links
Barnyard Basics Bundle
A good variety of hefty cuts from our pasture raised animals. $75

1 whole chicken, approx 4.5 to 5#
1 grassfed beef chuck roast, approx 2.7 to 3#
2, 1# packages of salt and pepper bulk sausage
2, 1# packages grassfed ground beef
1 pork shoulder roast, approx 2.7#

Classic Cuts Bundle
Something for a quick dinner, something for the weekend, and something in between. $50

1 package boneless chicken breast (approx 1.4#)
1 package grassfed beef crosscut shank (approx 1.5#)
1 package grassfed beef stew chunks (approx 1#)
1 pork shoulder roast (approx 2.5#)
1 package grassfed ground beef (1#)
1 package smoked nitrate free beef hotdogs (1#)
1 quart chicken stock

Farmer's Breakfast Bundle
A hearty, healthy breakfast package for the whole family. $38

Farm Fresh Eggs - 2 dz
Farm Made English Muffins - 6 pack
Greek Yogurt - 1 quart
Guernsey Cream Cheese - 8 oz
Bacon Breakfast Patties (1#)
Maple Breakfast Links (1#)

Ground Meat Variety Pack
Variety is the spice of life, someone said. We just like options for dinner. $31.50

1 lb Grassfed Ground Beef
1 lb Salt and Pepper Pork Sausage
1 lb Ground Italian Sausage
1 lb ground Chorizo
1 lb ground chicken

Pancake + Bacon + Egg Breakfast
A Sunday tradition at Wholesome Valley. $39

1 lb Spelt Pancake Mix
2 dz farm fresh eggs
1 pint maple syrup
1 lb smoked bacon
1 lb maple breakfast links

Sausage Sampler
1 of each please. $40

1 package caramalized onion, apple, and bacon poultry brats (1.25#)
1 package Green Onion Brats (1.25#)
1 package Italian Sausage Links (1.25#)
1 package Smoked Andouille Sausage Links (1.25#)
1 package Smoked Kielbasa Sausage Links (1.25#)

First, our caramelized onion, apple, and bacon poultry brats. This grilling favorite starts with a blend of pasture raised turkey and chicken meat. We then caramelize 10# of candy onions per batch and fold those in for a natural sweetness. To add moisture and sweetness without sugar, we fold in homemade applesauce. Finally, for a little smoky goodness, salt, and fat, we add in our nitrate free bacon.

Second, we have our heritage pork Italian sausage links. These simple flavors of fennel, crushed red pepper, and garlic make for a sausage as well suited for the grill as it is for stuffed pepper, a stew, or pizza.

Next, long time fan favorite - green onion brats. We use fresh spring onions and pass them through the buffalo chopper to blend them into the sausage. This grilling classic pairs well with a mild mustard or pickle relish.

We finish this bundle off with the grilling classics, andouille and kielbasa! Both smoked for hint of smoke and a crisp snap to the casing. The andouille - a cajun staple - balances garlic with cayenne pepper.

The kielbasa needs no introduction in Cleveland. Our version is garlic medium with black pepper and coriander. Pairs well with kraut, mustard, and pierogies, of course.

Winter Warmer Grilling Pack
For those who shovel their decks to grill out...because the beer stays cold in the snow. $40

Featuring cuts from our pasture raised animals.

1 package boneless pork chops (1.5#)
1 package boneless chicken breast (1.5#)
1 package cheddar jalapeno brat burgers (1#)
1 package Italian sausage links (1.25#)

Bag Contents

Pizza Dough
Pepperoni, sliced
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Tomato Sauce
Red or Yellow Onion
Frozen Blueberries

Pizza Dough
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Tomato Sauce
Red or Yellow Onion
Frozen Blueberries
Collard Greens