Place of Hope Stuart Campus to Name Building in honor of Local Sheriff, Lawmaker
Transitional Housing Complex will Honor Sheriff William Snyder & Son, State Representative John Snyder

Early 2022, when we received our 11-acre Stuart Campus, John and Bobbi Erbey committed a lead gift to name the village expansion, as well as the first building in the village. The village, once built out, will serve and house up to 64 aged-out foster youth, homeless youth, single mothers with kids, families in transition and human trafficking survivors. Statistics show that more than half of youth who age out of foster care will end up homeless, pregnant or in jail within 18-months without proper guidance and support.
The naming comes at the request of John and Bobbi Erbey who donated a $4 million leading gift to launch the campus renovation and expansion campaign shortly after Place of Hope acquired the 11-acre property early last year. “We are impressed with and deeply grateful for your years of dedication and service to this community,” said John Erbey. "We don’t need buildings named after us, you have created a legacy through your service, and we want to name this building in honor of that legacy.”
“For once, I am speechless, all I can say is, wow,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. “I am truly honored and humbled. What we are doing here, what Place of Hope is doing, is making a difference.” Sheriff Snyder’s son, State Representative John Snyder gives all the credit to his father. “I will take this opportunity to brag on my dad for a minute,” said Representative Snyder. “He chose a profession that would not afford him the ability give a gift large enough to name a village or a building, but his service to this community is his gift. This is his legacy.”
The Erbey’s also requested to name the village in honor of another person who has certainly made a mark on south Florida and arguably the United States, Charles Bender. Charles shares, “I have a hard time accepting this honor, but I respect John and Bobbi so much that I humbly accept their generosity and wishes. I am so grateful for them.”

Dozens of nonprofits from around the US have visited Place of Hope over the last 20+ years to learn the model, their mission and how they execute with such consistency and excellence. The Bender Family Village will contain all four transitional housing complexes, one of which, the Snyder Family Complex.

The Stuart Campus presents us with a challenge to provide care and services to the Treasure Coast area, but this opportunity requires significant improvements and infrastructure development. The day we received the keys, we hit the ground running. A handful of amazing families said “yes” when we called and asked, will you join us in this “God's Children. Our Future.” campaign that will ensure children, youth, and families are properly cared for, and provided wrap around services to transition them to healthy independence. The Erbey’s were one of those families and since has inspired tremendous momentum and an outpouring of support from so many others. John and Bobbi’s generous gift within our “God’s Children. Our Future.” campaign makes them a part of our Solomon Society within our exciting campaign. 
Due to the incredible generosity of John and Bobbi Erbey, The Berlin Family Foundation, the Boswell Family, Chuck and Diane Hanlon, the Lane Family Foundation, the Morgridge Family Foundation, the Moss Family, the Marshall E. Rinker, Sr. Foundation, the Donna Gayle Stevens Family and the Sal and Kim Tiano Family, the 11-acre Stuart Campus is undergoing full renovation and expansion to provide affordable transitional housing, Neighborhood Family Foster Care Cottages and “Mommy & Me” Cottages.
“The best way for our community to break the insidious cycles of child abuse and neglect, homelessness, and further trauma is to guide young people toward their full potential, healing, and self-sufficiency. These visionary leaders are not only meeting the need of the local housing crisis today, but also creating a legacy and transitioning "the least of these" toward success!” states Charles Bender, Founding CEO and Board Member for Place of Hope.
Our Recipe for Changing the World
Our Program Values: Faith. Family. Accountability.

Our commitment to the abused, neglected, abandoned, trafficked, and homeless children and families of the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast counties remains resolute. We aim to ensconce these precious young lives in our safe, loving, and dignity-filled proactive campuses and homes and restore their broken lives. Our mission and vision are driven by a calling to care for those who cannot care for themselves and need a hand up. To provide for, lift up, rehabilitate, restore, guide, and ready for greatness is our promise to every young person and family in our care.

Enrichment Programming – From wrap-around services, enrichment opportunities, and family vacations to birthday parties, educational goal-setting, wellness instruction – these are some crucial experiences that help our clients experience a bit of normalcy. They begin to share and attain milestone moments in family life that serve as lifetime memories, confidence-builders, and building blocks for a healthy future.

At Place of Hope, we found after-school sports, participation in outings, and celebratory occasions for example, were experiences never shared by many we serve each day. Things many take for granted become unforgettable experiences for others.
Human Trafficking Recovery –
As the 2020s’ most pressing issue, proliferating abuses against society’s most vulnerable require intensive therapy, targeted case management, structure, and loving care. Healing from exploitation and trauma requires a systematic approach, often turbulent, but one that’s rewarding when a victimized soul is restored to reach the person’s fullest potential. Levels of care vary; financial commitment is great. Restoration is costly but necessary.

Transitional Housing – Most commonly, our clients report they need housing to bridge the gap to healthy independent living and success. From single moms with dependent children to foster children aging out of the system, our regional housing provision affords clients the opportunity to learn and save for the future, while residing in a safe, dignity-filled environment offering a continuum of services to help the process. Stair-stepping the climb to independence guards against homelessness, further despair, and the cyclical side-effect of family separation.

Innovation Center – The greatest need in social services is to maintain and replicate programming that fixes problems. Place of Hope has been at the forefront of excellence in teaching others who endeavor to serve their community this way; however, our current abilities are limited. Formalizing a teaching component to provide an educational experience is how we can farm out our successful model nationwide. Also, advancing creative approaches allows us to disseminate our best practices in “how-to” guides for implementation. Becoming the national leader in this space will create speaking opportunities to showcase our successes and spotlight our truly transformative work in Southeast Florida.
Compassion in Action
Congratulations to our 2023 Harris L. Weinstein Heroes of Hope, Sue & Eric Ende! The Ende Family has been a committed friend and advocate of Place of Hope for nearly two decades! Their generosity and leadership can be seen throughout the footprint of Place of Hope. Sue has been directly involved with the Hope Bash gala since its inception and has served as Co-Chair several times during her tenure. With great honor and excitement, we will award the Ende Family this esteemed award on March 10, 2023 at Lexus Hope Bash!
Birthdays are special at Place of Hope! Many of our kiddos have never celebrated their birthday until coming to Place of Hope. Our birthday angels help knock these parties out of the park. But these birthdays are more than yummy and beautiful cakes and gifts. Birthdays are about our kids feeling seen, loved and worthy and celebrating their precious lives!

This drawing is from one of our girls in our Neighborhood Family Cottages. 🍰
Happy 20 Year Anniversary to our Board Chairman Mickey Nocera! We are truly grateful for your years of leadership, excellence in all you do, your selflessness, friendship, dedication and commitment. We love you and your beautiful bride, Brenda. Over 30,000 children, youth and families have been forever changed for the good as a result of your leadership and faithfulness.
A big THANK YOU goes out to our friends at The Honda Classic for donating furniture and other essential items to our Leighan and David Rinker Campus in Boca Raton. This generous offering is such a blessing to the residents on our campus. We appreciate your leadership and all you do throughout the year to support the mission at Place of Hope!
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