From Shane Powell, TalentLynk CEO - The TalentLynk team has been aggressively working on the marketing and recruiting side of our platform that incorporates our innovative workforce development model. We're already engaged with several of our EID Pilot companies but we need to hear from YOU .

Reminder - The Plainfield EID has paid for a FREE 1yr TalentLynk license for your company but you must activate it by June 15th. Contact me directly to get started - or 765.307.6554

The TalentLynk platform ties our innovative workforce development model directly to job postings. This enables companies to educate pre-hire candidates about their company and open positions, at the same time vetting out the skills and qualifications required for the position. Post-hire, the platform can be used to conduct and track training, on-boarding, and learning and development that takes place during the first 90 days of hire. It is estimated that companies spend between $3500 and $5000 per hire during their first 90 days. The TalentLynk platform strives to reduce these costs by 25 to 50%.

TalentLynk was also built to bring several workforce development partners together that enables businesses to source vetted pipeline. Tangram, National Transportation Center, Bridging America's Gap as well as area high schools are a few examples of workforce development partners that are working in TalentLynk to bring you vetted pipeline. Likewise, many of these partner organizations offer support well beyond the point of hire.

The TalentLynk leadership team offers monthly platform updates and training support sessions the first Friday of every month.

TalentLynk is ready to go. Get started today with a quick email or phone call. Please check out our links below to preview more details about our platform.