"Event crowds are hard to impress. Unless you come up with a WOW moment, your event will be quickly forgotten. More importantly, science has shown that only events that have this "WOW factor" actually build brand equityJavier Velarde, executive producer for Triton Productions, a company that plans and executes high-end events for high tech and media firms, offers a few WOW moment suggestions:
  • A surprise keynote speaker. We recently had the Navy Seal who fired the shots that killed Osama Bin Laden.
  • A surprise performer. We had the rapper Pitbull perform at the after-party for a Turner Broadcasting event.
  • A military stunt. We've had F16s perform a flyover for a tennis tournament finals event. While this is sometimes done at football events, it had never been done for a tennis event.
  • A high-tech stunt.  We had a 3-D hologram of a CEO appear on stage. Similarly, for a Turner event, we had the top executive enter the stage by flying and rappelling over the audience."