September 9 2020 | Michael M. Boone Elementary School
Rainy Day Procedures
Dear Parents,

We are aware that it may rain at dismissal time, so we wanted to let you know of our procedures for Rainy Day Dismissal.
Bikers and walkers will be dismissed just as they would on a regular day except that we will keep them under the porch and right inside the doors until dismissed to parents waiting in the Hug Zone on the Wentwood side of the school. 

**If you decide that you will pick up your student in the carpool lane, please email your teacher and the office no later than 2:00 today. You may also call the office. The office staff will make sure the classroom teacher gets the message in case they are not able to read their email before dismissal.

Carpool students will be kept inside on the first floor, seated with their class and socially distanced, and brought to parents in the queue lane by staff members. We will have staff members outside calling names of students to another staff member inside the school. We will then have several other staff members that will bring students to cars. 

We realize this process may take a bit longer, but our main priority is keeping students safe and dry until we bring them to your car.  

Thank you,
Amanda Reyes, Principal

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