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Feb. 24, 2011

Health Journalism 2011: Start planning your schedule

Highlights from what's coming up in Philadelphia include:Health Journalism 2011
• Workshops on mapping, covering medical studies and adding multimedia elements to your stories.
• Separate Newsmaker Briefings with CMS Administrator Donald M. Berwick and NIH Director Francis S. Collins
• Receptions so you can catch up with your colleagues.
• Presentation of the Awards for Excellence in Health Care Journalism, featuring keynote speaker G. Michael Lemole, M.D., who treated Rep. U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot in Tucson.
• Panels on health reform and insurance, localizing national investigations, insurance, health information technology, fraud in scientific research, pharmaceutical issues, autism, infections, HIV/AIDS, backgrounding health professionals, food safety and more.
• Popular favorites include how-to panels with the latest information on hospital finance and quality, as well as best practices in blogging and social media.
• Special events planned for freelancers included the annual Freelance PitchFest, panels on what editors wish writers knew, spotting under-tapped markets, handling contracts and protecting yourself legally, as well as an informal session on business issues.

Take a look at the variety of topics to be covered at the best annual training event in health journalism, then register and make your hotel reservations.

Be a mentor at Health Journalism 2011

Are you an experienced health care reporter or editor willing to share what you’ve learned over the years? We are looking for experienced members planning to attend Health Journalism 2011 who would be willing to sit down and talk with journalists who are newer to health journalism. Read more about how to be a mentor. (We'll put out a call for those who want a mentor soon.)

Daybook ... more news events

* AHCJ chapter: The Affordable Care Act at the one-year mark, Feb. 24, Chicago
* The explosion of health and medical information: Are patients any better off? March 7, New York City
* AHCJ chapter: Meet with press officers from HHS, White House Office of Health Reform, March 8, Washington, D.C.
* Data release: Triplets and higher order births, March 16
* AHCJ chapter: Boost your reporting skills with social media, March 17, San Francisco
* Sunshine Week, March 13-19
* Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, March 29-April 1, Seattle
* Health Journalism 2011, April 14-17, Philadelphia
* Health in the Headlines: A European conference on health journalism, June 23-24, United Kingdom

* Best Cancer Reporter Award, from the European School of Oncology
* Find out how to post your job opening, fellowship, awards or training program

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Covering Europe:
Changes in health care may be coming to Ireland

Ireland's latest election might lead to the adoption of a universal health care model that prioritises medical care by need rather than by ability to pay, according to Murius Houston, a medical journalist and health analyst in that country.

Trudy Lieberman explains that what's happening in Ireland is similar to what's happening in the United States where insurers have raised their premiums. A year ago the 39 percent increase announced by Anthem in California helped push health reform to the finish line when outraged policyholders and public officials flocked to the press to tell their stories.

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* Gates’ funding of journalism raises ethical questions
* Being precise about screening vs. diagnostic tests
* AHCJ member publishes book on love, biochemistry
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