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Volume 14 - January 2020
Welcome back to the January 2020 PlanDoTrack newsletter, focusing on productivity and remote work tips! Are you ready to get your planning on?

Given the relevance of planning, habits and productivity at this time of year, this newsletter is coming out earlier in the month than usual. I hope that you will find it practical as you step into a new year.

This month's focus is on Vision, Goal Setting and Creating Intentions. These are three themes that I've already been in dialogue around - in the January Community Call for the Remote Pathways Podcast I co-hosted this morning ( catch up on the recording in our special online community group hosted in Mighty Networks).

The three topics of vision, goal setting and intentions is also a big part of the new 60 Day Coaching Business Builder Accelerator program I've launched for coaches - it's open for enrollment until mid-month.

Finally, the three focus areas are also key in the team support I offer for intact and remote teams. As a team coach, I'm finding a number of calls and email inquiries about strategic planning and also team strengths days. Looking for a coach or facilitator for your event? Email me to set up a discussion. It's estimated that only 1 in 4 remote teams get support - let's make your team part of the opposite side of the equation. Team engagements can range from a half day team virtual retreat to a six to twelve month series of coaching and/or training sessions. Let's talk.

If you want something to do with your team, consider picking up a copy of the 20 Focus areas for RemoteTeam Development. It includes facilitated instructions to 20 different types of conversations and activities you might foster. Pick up this digital resource here.

After leading multiple PlanDoTrack sessions in the last month, it's been amazing to see what I term as the "power of the pause". I'll be offering both monthly reflection sessions at the end of every month, as well as 4 hour "Get it Done" co-working retreats.

While the 52 weeks of the PlanDoTrack series has wrapped up, you can still connect into the weekly planning hacks I'll share on Wednesdays at the PlanDoTrack blog. Starting next week a new 52 weeks series will start for those that work remote at the new Remote Pathways blog.

Catch up on the 2019 52 weeks series - Take a look at the posts and the download here.
Many of these topics are incorporated in to the 60 Day Coaching Business Builder Accelerator program.

Upcoming calls include:
January 6 - Kicking off 2020 - Focus , Productivity and your Annual To Do List - Join me in zoom room 270-302-0415 - 11 - 1130 am ET Monday January 6

January 13 - Incorporating Visual Cards into your Work - 11 -11:30 am ET

In this monthly newsletter I curate resources accompanying my two latest publications -

PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner for Virtual and Remote Professionals (for Virtual Leaders, Teams and Virtual Businesses)
Calls and Resources to Support you
I've hosted several calls in the last month that you might be interested in:

November's 30- minute planning session - grab a pen and follow along: View it here

Virtual and Remote Team Tools - 30 minute video. View it here.

15 Mindsets, Skills and Practices to Grow Your Remote Coaching Business Article. Read it here.

For entrepreneurs, creatives and coaches check out the Virtual Book Club Call on what's your platform?
Setting Your Theme and/or Aspirations for 2020
For many at this time of year, there can be too much pressure to set out a series of goals. While some of us love this, others may find it too constraining.

If you, or those your support, don't want to set goals but would like to frame this year with something, consider setting an aspiration or intention.

Broader in scope, aspirations and intentions are more thematic in nature. My theme last year was Magnify. This year my theme is SCALE. Another colleague this year has the theme of Community.

Intentions or annual themes can be anchoring and have their own energy behind them.

In the Remote Pathways Podcast Monthly Community Call I co-hosted yesterday, I facilitated a quick activity to infuse some new energy around remote work. You can catch up with it by joining us in the community hub we host on Mighty Networks - join us here.
Scroll over to the January 2020 communitycall and check out the icon activity I incorporate near the end. These are part of a new remote on-boarding guide I am working on for publication.

What's the 2020 theme you want to embrace - for the year? The decade?

Enjoy your reflections and I hope you will consider joining us for the February call which will take place on Thursday February 6th at 7 am ET.
Tool in Focus: Square Journaling Prompt Cards

One of the themes I'll be speaking about this year is the "power of the pause". Whether we grab 5 minutes or half an hour, taking time to stop and reflect is key in today's busy world.
Just before the holidays I released a new card set - the Square Journaling Prompt cards (A set of 52 - so you can have one for every week of the year). If you are a facilitator, I hope you'll pick up a set. If you are looking for something for yourself, consider picking up a copy of the J ournaling Prompt Printable booklet. It includes 12 of the prompts n a printable booklet format, with space for you to write out your thoughts.
Check out recent blog posts over at the Coaching Business Builder blog. Back for another new year is the monthly
1 BizStep a Day daily prompts. This month's focus brings us back to the focus on foundations. Read it here.
Download the series at the Coaching Business Builder Blog.
Over at the PlanDoTrack blog, be sure to check the weekly planning hacks each week. These are short ideas you can put into practice right away.

Are you a podcast listener? I hope that you'll listen into the first four episodes of the new Remote Pathways podcast I co-host with Michelle Mullins.
As some of you know, my roots as a leader are deeply entrenched in the remote world. I'm super excited to be expanding on the adventures so many different types of remote professionals find themselves in - from project managers, to creative solopreneurs, coaches, to virtual team leaders.

Episode 1 - focuses on the different pathways that bring us to remote work.

Episode 2 - focuses on new remote workers and includes a remote checkist

Episode 3 explores the landscape of professional coaches and serial entrepreneurs.

Episode 4 explores VISION and the landscape of project managers and virtual sales professionals.

I hope that you will join us to LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE and also share with others who work in the remote space.

Let's Go Remote, Together!

If you are part of a remote team and are looking for support for 2020, I'm already booking Team Days throughout the year. Part relationship booster, part team planning session, these focus on both team RESULTS and RELATIONSHIPS. Contact me to discuss and book a virtual date for your team to connect.
Boost your skills in January for having virtual conversations, and coaching:

Join us for the Virtual Facilitation Essentials program to boost your toolkit and confidence in leading virtual calls. 5 week program starts Monday January 13th from 1:30 - 2:4 5pm ET (8.5 CCEs) via zoom

the Group Coaching Essentials program to design and prepare for leading group coaching conversations starting Friday January 10th at 1015 am eT (8.75 CCEs)

Looking for practice and feedback on your group coaching skills? The Advanced Practicum starts on January 13th on Mondays from 3 - 415 pm ET. 10 CCEs.

Finally, sharpen your coaching skills as part of the mentor coaching group -

Mentor Coaching Group for ACC/PCC - 10 hours - 2nd and 4th Fridays 9 - 10 am ET from January 10 - April 18, 2020 (3 spots open)

Thanks for joining me for this month's newsletter!

Looking for some individual coaching support to launch a new program, do some planning or hone your message? Contact me to discuss how I can support you with coaching around business development, program design, or leadership development.

Wishing you a great start to 2020. I look forward to supporting you as you move forward with your remote work, virtual conversations and planning.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Britton