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Volume 11 - October 2019
Welcome back to the October 2019 PlanDoTrack newsletter, focusing on productivity and remote work tips!

This month's focus is on Metrics that Matter. One of the reasons I wanted to create a series of workbook planners was so professionals and business owners could notice what the story of their work or business was through the data they were traking. This month's article takes a deeper look at some of the more common ways people are using the Daily Trackers found in PlanDoTrack and Coaching Business Builder. I hope that you'll take a few minutes to explore the unique data story of your work/business right now.

October has ushered in a beautiful tapestry of color and with my own routine I am noticing that I am trying to squeeze out as much time outdoors before winter descends on us here. What are you noticing about your routine? Last month's topic was all about routines and habits. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here .

A reminder that this month's PlanDoTrack book club call will be held on Monday October 21st at 11 am ET. It will be exploring some of my most recent related work under the Remote Pathways banner. As some of you may know, this past summer I completed a new writing project about remote work which is expanding the foundation started with Effective Virtual Conversations and PlanDoTrack. I look forward to sharing pieces of this new body of work, and specifically more on the different remote pathways we find ourselves navigating as remote workers. Please join me on Monday in zoom room 270-302-0415 and stay tuned for the launch of the Remote Pathways Podcast in the next month or so.

The remote world of work is expanding rapidly and if you are looking for resources for your clients, I hope you'll consider the PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner for Remote and Virtual Professionals. If you are looking for ready-made resources you can share with your remote clients/teams/colleagues, consider becoming a PlanDoTrack Facilitator. Registration is now open for the November 15, 16, December 6 and 7 PlanDoTrack Facilitator Training program which will be held via zoom on Friday evenings (530 - 9 pm ET) and Saturday (930 - 330 pm ET). Its also approved for 24 CCEs and will support you with more practice and feedback around coaching and facilitating remote workers and personal productivity issues! Reserve your spot here .

In this monthly newsletter I curate resources accompanying my two latest publications -

PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner for Virtual and Remote Professionals (for Virtual Leaders, Teams and Virtual Businesses)
Recent Calls:Habits, Building Your Team, Platforms
I've hosted several calls in the last month that you might be interested in:

For those that work remote, check out the September 9th call on Skills for Working Remote - 34 minutes. View it here .

For those growing your team as a solopreneur (or remote worker), check out the Book Club call I did earlier this week on GROWING Your Team as a Solopreneur. View it here on YouTube.

Back to work routines. View it here.

For entrepreneurs, creatives and coaches check out the Virtual Book Club Call on what's your platform?

We are starting to arc towards the end of the year. Are you ready? If you are ahead of the curve, take a lok at the year-end checklist I shared last year. What do you want to make sure you schedule time in for?

Join me on Thursday November 14th from 1-5 pm ET for the next PlanDoTRack Virtual Retreat on zoom.

This 4 hour virtual working session is geared to support you in creating your plans for 2020. Learn more and register.
In the Spotlight - TRACK: Metrics Matter
As we move through the 4 th quarter of the year what are you noticing about your metrics?
If you have been completing the Monthly Daily Trackers, take a look at the patterns that have emerged.

Monthly daily trackers can be used in a number of different ways including these ways I have heard people use the trackers:
* To track amount of time spent on special tasks – i.e. the month of Nanowrimo (National Writing Month) is coming up – I’ll be using it to capture my word count (the goal of NANO is to write 50,000 words during the month)
* To focus on # of sales calls completed
* To note days design work (or other activities) are being undertaken
* To track WHEN revenue is coming in the door
* To identify and note HOW MUCH revenue is coming in the door (so including #s, not just a yes/no)

The Content Trackers can also be used to:
Note the one piece of content which is being shared, and noting WHERE it is shared (Monthly Content Trackers)
Using the One Line a Day to note how the day went, how they felt or major events or thoughts from the day. You could note a daily mantra, or a daily intention.

On a personal basis you might consider:
* Tracking exercise –noting things like steps per day or number of minutes of exercise

* Tracking time spent on getting things organized – many of us have a variety of organizing tasks which need to be completed.

Here’s a quick list of some of the metrics you may want to track:
  • Sales
  • Website visits
  • Downloads
  • Revenue
  • Reads
  • Sample Sessions
  • Products Developed
  • Speaking engagements
  • Likes
  • Numbers of clients
  • Hours Billed
  • Net Profit
  • Social visits
  • # of books sold
  • Operating Revenue

What else do you have metrics around? What else might you want to note?

This week carve out some time to notice your metrics. Ask yourself:
What do you notice in terms of patterns?
As you look at the list, what’s important?
What are the metrics you have easy access to?
What metrics do you want to start tracking?
What patterns do you notice?
What trends do you see over time?
How does it stack up to what you had planned or envisioned?

Tool in Focus: One Line a Day

A lot can happen in the span of a year, or even a week! With this in mind I included 12 One Line a Day templates in the PlanDoTrack/Coaching Business Builder Planners. They provide you with one line to take note of something you want to remember from each day of the year. Maybe it's what you did, how you felt, what your intention was.

If you haven't used the One LIne a Day yet, flip forward to the Content Planning Section and fill out your first line today.
Check out recent blog posts over at the Coaching Business Builder blog which have been exploring different solopreneur myths. Read the lastest post on Time Spent = Efficiency. Really?

Don't forget to download this month's 1 BizStep a Day daily prompts with a focus on Client Outreach. Download them at the Coaching Business Builder Blog.

Over at the PlanDoTrack blog, we're focusing on CHUNKING IT DOWN TO GAIN MOMENTUM as part of the 52 Weeks of Planning, Doing and Tracking Be sure to check those weekly Friday posts out.

Wednesday's feature a Weekly Planning Hack. This week's Hack was all about Getting Started Now.

Facebook Lives are back every Wednesday, bringing to life the WPH of the week.

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One of this summer's inaugural PDT Facilitator's writes the following about their experience:
For any coach or facilitator interested to adding to their product offering, I highly recommend Jennifer Britton’s PlanDoTrack Facilitator training. The content will provide you with everything you need to facilitate your own session on PlanDoTrack. Jennifer is super generous with this content, and I encourage you to really dive in and take advantage of her expertise. She is always a delight to learn from, and she models the remote lifestyle perfectly. This is an informative, reflective, and action-oriented course, and you will not be disappointed.” - Cindy Hooker,

The next group will run on Friday evenings 530 -9 pm ET November 15 and December 6 and Saturday 930 - 330 pm ET on November 16 and December 7. 24 CCES (including 19 core competencies)

If you are on Instagram be sure to follow on Instagram @CoachingBizBuilder . Every day I post a question for you to consider, and take action on as it relates to your own business or remote work.

Thanks for joining me for this month's newsletter!

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Wishing you a great October!

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Jennifer Britton