It's Our Future will host a forum 7-8 p.m. on Feb. 23 for candidates running for Oak Park village president and trustee seats. The forum will focus on sustainability concerns among local youth.

Organizers are members of the climate action group started in 2019 that prepares young people to advocate for a more sustainable future.

The forum format will include comprehensive platform statements and then specific questions that the youth will ask each candidate, with time allotments to answer. The program is open to youth and adults.

Manolo Avalos, a member of It’s Our Future and an OPRF freshman, said questions they are looking to ask candidates include: What do you plan to do to increase participation in recycling and waste reduction programs? What can be done to increase environmental education?

Although Manolo himself isn’t old enough to vote, he still thinks it’s important for youth to ask questions of the candidates. “If we ask good questions, I think [the candidates] will think about what’s on our minds,” he says.

Oak Park's municipal election takes place on April 6. Early voting starts on March 22.