Friends of the Marie Drake Planetarium Newsletter | Feb. 17th, 2020
Upcoming Events
All are free and held at planetarium
We encourage you to sign up for shows
We are now using SignUpGenius to make show reservations. Shows are still free and attendees can sign up or show up. Five minutes before showtime, unfilled seats will be released on a first come first served basis.

We are limiting shows to 45 attendees. If the show you wish to attend is full, you may join a wait list . We will use this list for planning additional shows and to help fill up seats if there are cancellations. You will be contacted by email if we add your name to a specific show. Please contact us if you have questions.

We are located at 1415 Glacier Avenue in the Marie Drake Building between Harborview and JDHS.
Astrophysics and Philosophy

Tuesday Feb. 18th
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Three great philosophical questions from the perspective of astrophysics.

Why is the Earth square?
Is free will possible?
Can something be in two places at the same time?
A look at the more hidden laws of nature.
Presentation by our guest speaker, Marc Finklestein.
Talk is most appropriate for adults and older teens, but all are welcome .

We will begin with 10 minutes of the Juneau night sky using our new digital projector.
Marc is an Aerospace Education Officer, Civil Air patrol, SE Alaska Squadron. His varied career includes being President and founder of FlightScience, LLC , an aerospace consulting company, for 17 years.

Click here to sign up.

Contact Steve at 500-2941 if you have questions about this event.

Kid’s Time at the Planetarium
Big Dipper & Friends

Sunday, Feb. 23rd
3:00 pm to 4:00pm
Join Dave Hanson and Rosemary Walling to explore constellations. Designed for 3rd graders and younger but all welcome.

Click here to sign up.

Contact Rosemary at 723-0692 if you have questions about this event.
Juneau's Night Sky Resources
Our first two shows using our new projector were full. Rosemary created a list of night sky internet resources which are available in a PDF file.
Happy Pluto Day

Pluto Day  is celebrated on February 18 of every year.  Pluto   was the first planet to have been discovered by an American. On February 18, 1930, American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto from the Flagstaff Observatory in Arizona.

This dwarf planet has a dimension of two-thirds of the Earth’s Moon. It is mainly composed of methane ice, rocks and water ice. It was considered as the ninth planet in our solar system for about 76 years, but after the year 1992, its position as a planet was doubted as many objects like  Pluto  with similar size were discovered in the Kuiper belt.

Pluto's No Planet by Michael Orelove

Pluto’s no planet some astronomers say

It’s small and it’s icy and so far away

They demoted Pluto and tried hard to ban it

But for me little Pluto will still be a planet
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You are invited to assist at shows
We now have online sign up for volunteer tasks for the planetarium. Our planetarium is run 100% by volunteers, so come and help out at one of our shows.

Keep Looking Up
Cristina Della Rosa
Board President and Newsletter Editor