Planetary Mitochondrial DNA Purification and Healing Ascension Event
The Mother and Child Reversal Grids are Collapsing!
Hello precious tribe, 

Apologies for more correspondence so soon after my newsletter yesterday.

We are currently engaging in a complete and utter redesign of the Planetary Body as a result of the new Law of Structure that is emerging catalyzing permanent change due to the end of the 17 year ascension window (2000-2017) we transited through on the 31 st of December 2017. Our entire Planetary Body and Planetary Consciousness is now interfaced to function from a higher vibratory consciousness - Heart Based Consciousness. This is what is known as now living in Harmonic Universe 2. 

What is a Harmonic Universe?

Stations of identity that exist at a certain layer of the 5 densities (3 stations of identity in each density) which comprise of 15 dimensions ( 5 x 3 = 15) we are to ascend through in order to fully ascend out of this Universal Time Matrix. The false ascended masters, fallen angels and archangels, false gods and goddesses etc., allow for only partial ascension perpetuating the closed wheel of reincarnation preventing ascension out of this Universal Time Matrix. 

The first three layers of the first density make up what we know as the 3D Earth we have recently split from on a planetary consciousnesses level ascending us into a totally new timeline. Density 1 aka known as Harmonic Universe 1 is where 1D-2D-3D reality is played out through the base chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra and is tied into, or better described, interfaced to communicate with the personality matrix and is the realm in which the wounded ego and the lowest vibratory experiences of the life cycle are lived out, until we evolve out of our lower selfish ways and choose to come from the heart. Choosing peace over war, and transparency over the sinister deception-riddled reality we have just ascended out of is vital to our survival.

In order for this to happen, we need to truly feel authentic love. It is very difficult to feel authentic, undefiled, incorruptible unconditional love when we have not ever experienced it. We have only experienced distorted versions of love making it very difficult to trust. 

My personal journey of deeper awakening and inner truth disclosures have led my husband, Sean, and I down a very interesting path. Our personal healing led to powerful inner and external shifts for both of us and naturally our collapsing foundations tested many levels of our connection. Using our spiritual practices and applying ALL our tools and what we have mastered along this path thus far, Sean and I arrived at the same point in our personal research of the information we were connecting with intuitively. Sean and I were both lead literally to the same content - Mitochondrial DNA. 

This has been totally foundation shifting for us both, as individuals and as a couple. Through this we have come to recognize what is missing in relation to our ability to trust in love as a humanity and as a planet. We love the idea of being in love, yet we also hate the idea of all the pain that accompanies it.

The upcoming equinox on the 20th of March 2018 is marking a powerful point of shutting down a crucial part of the anti-life architecture the dark mother (impostor architecture) uses that was laid over our earth grids and the machinery and technology used to defile and corrupt the original Divine and Holy Mother Sacred Organic Code and Higher Heart - the Mitochondrial Key of Life.

The work Sean and I have already conducted involving this Key has presented tangible shifts within our personal selves and we have both observed our children and other members of our bloodline undergoing physical, emotional and mental shifts as a result of this work. 

Sean and I are very excited as a couple to be conducting the next level of this work in our joint hosting of the Equinox Planetary Mitochondrial DNA Purification and Repair Ascension Event on the 20th and 21st of March 2018. This is an on-line event being conducted over 2 days for approximately 3 hours each day. The first portion of this work is listed under our Sedona Retreat.

During these 2 days we will be:

  • Clearing Mother Earth, our bloodline and ourselves of the Blackened Heart Portals of the dark mother across the planet. This is also known as the Anubian Black Hearts. (Many layers of healing these hearts is already underway as has been since 2009)
  • Vital purification and repair to the Mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA).
  • Continuing the powerful Mitochondrial Clearing we activated in Sedona in February 2018, integrating more of the Mother and Child repair work we are receiving too. 
  • Looking deeper into powerful dimensions of our personal Mitochondria to begin authentic and permanent mutation reversal and healing of this part of our bloodline.
  • Addressing the multiple layers of our bodies and how they need to be properly integrated to ensure optimum health and the ability to embody higher quotients of light in our MtDNA.
  • Addressing the split of the Mother and Child and how this has impacted us, our solar system, galaxy and universe.

Much more always comes through whilst I am presenting. Please prepare yourself for 3 hours per day of intensive energy work, both on a planetary and personal level. We are now healing and repairing on a level we have never been free enough to connect with prior to the split in timelines and planetary consciousness from the Harmonic Universe 1, or Density 1. The return of our Holy and Divine Mother Principle to reclaim her children is enabling the higher dimensional interfacing systems to connect with us now. We are truly on the life giving path of authentic God Sovereign Freedom for all on Earth who are open and receptive to what this energy is conveying to all of us. 

It is however not our duty to convert anyone. All we are doing is sharing our truth with those who resonate. Sean and I have been both inner directed to the same point and have for that reason honoured our combined intuition guiding us to share this with you.

If you would like to join us for the live on-line event on the 20th and 21st of March from 11 am GMT+2 - 2pm GMT+2 on both days, please use this link to secure your slot:

If for any reason you can't attend live, I'd suggest you still book online so that you are on the mail list to receive the recording within a few hours of the event ending rather than waiting a few days before it's available on my website. 

The energy exchange for the 2 days is $55 payable via Paypal. 

Sean and I look forward to Uniting in Service with you and ensuring we fully and irreversibley attain God Sovereign Freedom for ALL on Planet Earth. We are the incarnated Guardians of the earth in this timeline and we must fulfill our Divine Mission and Divine Destiny. United we are powerful enough to do this because our individual strength is growing by the day.

This weekend we have the 2nd Full Moon of this month. Because it's in the watery Pisces sign we must be SUPER aware of how the murky waters of emotional entanglement can cause unnecessary emotional stress over this weekend. This Full Moon has the ability to pull us into states of victim consciousness due to co-dependent patterns that must now be put into perspective and transformed into interdependence. 

Part of my truth disclosure has resulted in my new body of work Aramatena Astrology coming into being which covers the dark side of astrology. I am not debunking astrology, quite the contrary in fact. I myself am an astrologer. This work covers lifting the veils on the paralyzing aspects of astrology and we begin with addressing the dark side of the Moon and Saturn and their relationship to one another. This delivers a whole new spin on where we direct our energy and what we choose to connect into. As the late Stephen Hawkins said "we are not creating our lives, we are selecting our lives." With empowered knowledge our selections are destined to be very different.

The Equinox event as a whole is preparing us for this new time of remembering we were switched off for a reason. We were switched off in order to comply and refrain from questioning, inner connecting and feeling. Those days are over and the sooner we embody our Avatar Template the sooner we can ensure we are ALL contributing to the complete manifestation and maintenance of God Sovereign Freedom for Planet Earth - Goddess Gaia. 

Have a blessed weekend and may I suggest you use this weekend for spiritual practices, meditation, getting together with TRUSTED friends. Let you hair down safely, stay away from people-dense environments for now, especially pubs, bars, night clubs, festivals, psychic fairs, busy malls and shopping centres. Stick to light and nutrient dense foods and get as much rest as you can. This will also help us to better digest the affects of the recent magnetic storm too. 

May I also remind you we are dealing with retrograde energies designed to take us inward. Use this time wisely by choosing to be inner directed by the Power of the Living Good God within us. We are God, We are Sovereign, We are Free! 

Much love,
Michelle and Sean.