Autumn forest with yellow foliage
Young 4-H Growers Delivered Supersized Fair Entries!
AR 4-H members collected prizes for their fruits of labor at the state fair—specifically their planetary sized pumpkins and watermelons.

Ten-year-old Buster Passmore from Greene County (pictured on the left) won the giant pumpkin contest by a landslide!

How big was Buster's pumpkin?
Is Anaplasmosis really that prevalent?
Researchers with the Division of Agriculture hope to collect data from cattle producers across the state in an effort to determine the prevalence of anaplasmosis, an often deadly tick-borne pathogen.

Cooperative Extension agents across Arkansas will attempt to collect 600 blood samples from AR cattle for the project.
Ag Center Renamed in Honor of Past Division of Ag VP
For 100 years, the Arkansas Agricultural Research and Extension Center has helped farmers meet the ever-evolving challenges of agriculture. The center’s centennial was celebrated Friday, Oct. 11 by renaming it in honor of longtime Vice President for Agriculture for the UA Division of Agriculture.

Find out which vice president was honored.
Extended Summer-like Temps Delay Fall Foliage Display
Fall color will likely be delayed this year because of the post summer warmth we've experienced.

The recent dry spell has caused some trees to brown, but the showers over the last few weeks may help reduce that.

The trees that have remained green through the dry spell may actually be more vibrant than usual!