Planned Parenthood Moves to Dismiss 58 Criminal Charges With Dubious Arguments


April 11, 2012

Olathe, Kansas - Motions filed by Planned Parenthood were unsealed yesterday by Judge Stephen Tatum in a criminal case involving 58 counts related to illegal late-term abortions. The abortion business is seeking dismissal of all charges.


Operation Rescue obtained the records that show efforts by Planned Parenthood to:

  • Discredit state's expert witnesses because they are not abortionists.
  • Deny applicability of a 2005 amendment extending the statute of limitations from two years to five.
  • Bar terms from use in court including "late-term abortion", "child", "baby", and "infant".
  • Allow Planned Parenthood attorneys to extensively question potential jurors about their religious beliefs.
  • Prohibit prosecutors from asking about the cost of the abortions.
  • Gag prosecutors from referencing handwriting discrepancies on the Termination of Pregnancy Reports that were submitted to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
  • Deny the introduction of post abortion fetal weight testimony as a measure of viability, evidence that would show beyond doubt that the babies were viable at the time of their abortions.
  • Planned Parenthood is accused of failing to determine viability for at least 26 abortions in 2003. While they determined gestational age, they failed to apply more than a blanket designation of non-viability to babies 24 weeks and under. Kansas law at that time mandated a determination of viability at 22 weeks or later. Planned Parenthood is asking the court to prohibit testimony about post abortion fetal weights that could prove the babies were well beyond viability.



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