Are You Ok with Planned Parenthood
in Your School?
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Planned Parenthood has strategically expanded its scope of influence in the interest of selling more abortions. So, naturally, Planned Parenthood is in the Sex Education business.

Planned Parenthood needs pregnant women and girls to buy abortions starting at a younger age and to be repeat customers in order to maintain both its profit margin and its influence. Therefore, Planned Parenthood has a vested interest in creating demand for its expensive product.

Planned Parenthood creates demand for abortions by coercing schools to teach their students that kids have sexual and reproductive “rights,” that abortion is a safe and gentle procedure, and accessing an abortion without parents’ knowledge is a cinch.

Kids having sex at earlier ages, kids understanding abortion as a right, and kids knowing how to access abortion is a formula for profit for Planned Parenthood. It is no surprise, then, that Planned Parenthood is in the Sex Ed business. In fact, Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest seller of Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) curriculum to school districts.

How is Planned Parenthood getting this instruction into schools?

Several ways. Planned Parenthood aggressively lobbies state legislators to make CSE mandatory by law. Planned Parenthood lobbied for passage of the California Healthy Youth Act. Planned Parenthood also lobbies against any legislation that would allow parents easier access to the curriculum used in their child’s school— such as making it available for viewing online— or that would institute parental “opt-in,” such as Senate Bill 673, which was recently killed in the California Senate Education Committee.

Planned Parenthood knows: the less parents know about what Planned Parenthood wants to teach their kids, the better, and it wields its power in the statehouse effectively. (Believe it or not, there are even efforts to mandate CSE for every school at the federal level. See the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act, which would be the first ever comprehensive sex-ed bill, and the Youth Access to Sexual Health Services Act, which would ensure students’ “access to reproductive services.”)

Another way Planned Parenthood gets into schools is by actively recruiting youth to advocate for CSE. Planned Parenthood strategically attracts high school students to their cause and then uses them to promote kids’ “right” to sexual freedom through something called “peer education,” which is just a nice way of describing using teens to do Planned Parenthood’s dirty work.

Planned Parenthood’s strategy is genius. Ron Dahl, who directs the Institute for Human Development at the University of California, Berkeley, believes that adolescence is a prime opportunity to invest in children because of the enormous brain development during this period. “It’s a perfect storm of change,” said Dahl, speaking at a Feb. 27, 2020 seminar of the Education Writers Association on adolescent learning and well-being in Berkeley, California. Given the right support, teens can develop intrinsic motivation and passions, he says. “You don’t just like poetry; you’re a poet,” he says. “You don’t just like soccer; you’d have to be kept from kicking the soccer ball.” And, you don’t just like the idea of activism; you are an activist.

Dahl says the adolescent learning spurt is second only to the rapid brain development of the first five years of early childhood. Adolescents are not just going through the physical changes of puberty but also making neural connections between different parts of their brain, wiring it for the rest of their lives.

The dramatic learning isn’t necessarily cognitive in the sense of remembering facts and figures. It’s more about social development and forming an identity. Kids are preoccupied with figuring out what they enjoy, social interactions, their status within a group and feeling like they are contributing to the community. This is a time when behaviors, habits and proclivities with long-term health and education outcomes are being shaped, says Dahl.

A big myth is that teens don’t have a fully formed prefrontal cortex and that they don’t have the ability to exercise executive function or will power.”There’s this idea that somehow kids have an inadequate brain that they …don’t have a prefrontal cortex that’s sufficiently developed to do the things they need to do,” says Dahl. “That is the wrong way to think. They have a remarkable prefrontal cortex. They have an amazing capacity to use it when they’re highly motivated.”

And, as we all know, social recognition for adolescents is very motivating. For a young teenager, “it’s a thrill when an adult takes you seriously and says, ‘what a great idea.’” Dahl says. The emotional signals are “intensified.” Teens love to contribute to the community or larger society. “It’s not just about feeling like you belong but that you can contribute to solutions to the world’s problems,” says Dahl. For teens, Greta Thunberg and the Parkland students who protested against gun violence are role models.

Group work takes advantage of adolescents’ desire to interact with each other. It’s boring for many teens to work alone on homework at a desk. Often they don’t see the relevancy of it, Dahl says. “If they have to solve an algebra problem by working together as a group, that’s much more engaging and exciting because that’s what they naturally want to be doing,” Dahl says.

Eureka High School’s “Spare Change” Peer Education and Teen Theatre Troupe is one example of how Planned Parenthood cashes in on adolescents’ particular brain attributes to advertise and popularize its message.
The flyer reads:

“AUDITIONS are coming up on April 26th and May 3rd at Planned Parenthood in Eureka! Auditions for the Spare Change Peer Education and Teen Theatre Troupe will be held on Wednesday April 26 or Wednesday May 3, from 4-6 pm at PLANNED PARENTHOOD in Eureka, CA. Spare Change teens receive over 40 HOURS of professional training, and then educate others about healthy sexuality, through writing and performing original skits, teaching in classrooms, and one-on-one work. You don’t have to be a theater person to join.

Applications are available in the office. Some schools in the past have chosen to share our Audition event post from Facebook. This would be very helpful if it is possible! Here is the event on FB

The flyer, provided to the school by a Planned Parenthood Northern California “Senior Health Educator,” includes more information on “Spare Change” and its “impact on school success.”

It reads: “Participating in this program would likely be an enriching, important, and purposeful experience for some of your students – especially if they are interested in theater, education/teaching, public speaking, skit writing, health care, sexuality, social justice, social work, counseling, advocacy and helping others. Students earn an average of 200 community service hours over the school year, develop professional skills, boost their resume, and get letters of recommendation from our staff. More than anything, youth develop a sense of self-confidence, purpose, organization, and self-reliance in our program – the same qualities that support academic success. Spare Change works well for academically strong students, but has also been very helpful for students with a mid-level GPAs who are struggling to stay motivated in school. When interviewed for a past program evaluation, multiple Alumni (chosen randomly) said it encouraged them to stay in school and keep their grades above our GPA requirement so that they could participate in the program.”

Here is one of the skits the troupe performs for their peers:

“The Adventures of Condom Man, Lube Lady, and... Abstinence Annie:”

(Scene opens to the unsuspecting couple Rick and Jane getting ready to have unprotected sexual intercourse)

Rick: Gosh I love you Jane!

Jane: Me too Rick! Oh Rick, is it a sauna in here, cause I sure am hot.

Rick: I know Jane, the steam is rising and so is something else.

Jane: Oh Rick!

Rick: Yes exactly...

(Enter Condom Man and Lube Girl in dramatic fashion, possibly to the tune of superhero music)

Condom Man: I am Condom Man!

Lube Lady: And I'm Lube Lady!

Rick: Condom man?

Condom Man: Yes and in the heat of the moment I think you two hot young lovers have forgotten something. (wink wink)

Lube Lady: Did something SLIP your mind? (turn to audience, smile and possibly give thumbs up)

Jane: What are you talking about?

Condom Man: You need to use a condom!

Rick: What, really?

Condom Man: Yeah just throw it on there and you’re ready to go.

Lube Lady: Well, actually (glancing disapprovingly at Condom Man), you check the expiration date, make sure there is air in the package, open it with your fingers, hold it like a sombrero so you make sure its facing the right direction..

Condom Man: Yes, like I said, hold it so it looks like a cute little sombrero, or in my case a gigantic cute sombrero (looks at lube lady). Then, pinch the tip and roll it down all the way to the base... and you’re good to go.

Lube Lady: And use plenty of water-based or silicon-based lubricant. This will keep it from breaking. Condom’s work best with lube...

Condom Man: Use lubricant! A little on the inside, a lot on the outside!

Lube Lady: Just... like I... said.

Jane: But then what?

Rick: Does it just stay on there forever?

Lube Lady & Condom Man: (Cringe together. Get more and more in-sync with each other during next section.)

Condom Man: Nope nope. After ejaculation of the penis...

Lube Lady: Or whenever sex is finished, when either partner wants to stop. (Condom man nods)

Condom Man: Hold the condom onto the base. (Lube girl approves) Withdraw!!

Lube Lady: Carefully. (Condom man nods approvingly)

Condom Man: Face away from your partner. Remove the condom from the base, not the tip.

Lube Lady: (Nodding approval at Condom Man) Check it for leaks or tears. Throw it in the trash.

Condom Man: It's a good thing we showed up, now isn’t it folks? Condom Man...AWAAAY!

Abstinence Annie: (enters stage) Not so fast Condom Man! You think you’re hot stuff? I’m here to Show. You. Up.

(Rick and Jane are super surprised. They don’t know which team to choose so they look back and forth each time someone speaks, considering each point dramatically)

Lube Lady: Condom Man, how could you let this happen, Abstinence Annie is always finding us!

Abstinence Annie: I am 100% all of the time. With Abstinence Annie things will always be safe. If you are not having anal, vaginal, or oral intercourse, there’ll be no surprises. I’m always the best, always will be!

Condom Man: But, Abstinence Annie, what about couples who know that they want to have sex, they are ready, talked about the possible consequences, went to a Family Pact-funded clinic like Open Door or Planned Parenthood, you know, they’re prepared.

Abstinence Annie: Well Condom Man that’s where you and Lube come in.

Condom Man: Yeah, if couples are having sex, I can protect them. 85-98% of the time I prevent pregnancy and I’m the only birth control method who can stop some STD’s.

Abstinence Annie: Well, Condom Man I’m 100% effective against those STD’s all the time.

Jane: Oh yeah right Abstinence Annie, but you’re no fun.

Abstinence Annie: Well there are so many ways that people can make love and never have intercourse! Do you think sexy time is just about putting a thing in a thing? Let me just tell ya, about the fun you can have being abstinent...(Rick and Jane get increasingly intrigued as these options are listed) romantic candle light dinners, movies cuddled up on the couch, (Jane is enamored and embracing Rick), lots of hot make out sessions, massages...

Lube Lady: With lube!

Annie: and lavish and loving emails, sexy talk, moonlight walks, flowers, movies, flirting, flirt, flirt. (Abstinence Annie grabs Rick and then Jane by the arm.)

Condom Man: Rick and Jane, have you two lovebirds been tested for STDs?

Rick & Jane: Nope!

Lube Lady: You two might want to start there.

Rick: Well Jane, sounds like we need to talk. Sexy and serious talk – they go together.

Jane: Yes Rick, I agree. Lots to consider. Let’s do it over dinner. (flirt)

Lube Lady: Well Abstinence Annie, well Condom Man, guess we’ll just slide on outta here and let these fine folks figure it out for themselves.”

This type of “peer education” orchestrated by Planned Parenthood reaps just the kind of dividends they are looking for: enthusiastic, sociable high school students motivated by their need to contribute to solving social problems get to actually be activists and accrue much-prized social currency at the same time.

It’s a jackpot for both Planned Parenthood who gets the perfect product placement, and the teens who are sucked in by the prospect of partnering with “woke” adults and by the allure of fighting for a social cause.

Another example of this perfect storm is Planned Parenthood’s pilot peer education program, called REV, which defines itself as “a youth leadership program fostering amazing youth who are passionate about sexual and reproductive healthcare issues, public speaking, peer-to-peer education, and youth action and advocacy..... and we work to counter sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all other forms of oppression.” What teen can resist that?

Planned Parenthood facilitators train teens to advocate for getting Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) into schools through these programs. REV youth protest abstinence-only sex ed, claiming such instruction is not LGBTQ+ inclusive and fails to inform teenagers of their sexual and reproductive rights: “For the second year in a row, students in the Eugene 4J (Oregon) school district claim they have received district-approved sex ed training that they say is abstinence-based and violates their rights. Now, students are taking action.” —NPR

These students consider sexual health instruction that presents abstinence as the only 100% safe way to avoid pregnancy and STIs a violation of their rights, even though this is medically accurate.

After seeing what they considered a failure by the school administration to provide adequate sexual education, South Eugene students started the Respect(Ed) club, no doubt inspired and perhaps even orchestrated by Planned Parenthood’s REV program. The Respect(Ed) club is composed of student volunteers going into freshman and some upperclassmen classrooms and giving presentations on sexual health—focusing on sexuality and gender, sexual violence, and consent and healthy relationships.

“We try and make it really interactive with activities where people can explore the topics we're talking about,” said Lane Mikkelsen, one of the Respect(Ed) club leaders. “At the end, we leave space for anonymous questions. So if students aren't comfortable voicing questions that they have in front of the entire class, it gives them a different outlet to ask those to us, and then we try and answer them at the end to resolve any last questions.”

Fellow Respect(Ed) club member and South Eugene senior Ilka Sankari said Respect(Ed) volunteers are working to supplement a curriculum that is “lacking.” To that end, she thinks the current health standards across the country need to be better. She says, “I wish I had a good answer that didn't sound cynical, but I think that traditionally, sex education curriculum has been really lacking across the board. We don't have any federal guidelines for it.”

In California, “Sex Ed Squads” are sprouting up on high school campuses. Sex Ed Squads are high school clubs that meet once a week and feature peer-to-peer demonstrations and interactive practice. Students help each other apply condoms to life-like models of adult male penises, and practice using vaginal devices and oral and anal barriers.

Planned Parenthood is convincing kids and teens that Comprehensive Sex Ed, too, is their right, in addition to their sexual and reproductive choices. Planned Parenthood is persuading teens to reject any sexual instruction which presents abstinence as the safest way to stay healthy. Planned Parenthood prompts students to say they want sex ed that is “inclusive,” that is not heteronormative, that presents same-sex behaviors and “gender expansive” behaviors as perfectly normal, and that is not sexist or “shame-based,” presenting sexual activity even at young ages to be perfectly usual. Planned Parenthood is getting students to take up the Sex Ed cause because they want to be seen by their peers as activists, and teens are buying into the club concept and “peer education” with the encouragement and direction of “woke” activist educators at an alarming rate.

Planned Parenthood’s business strategy of getting youth to champion the effort to install its Sex Ed in every school and in every grade is working. But don’t forget: Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business, Planned Parenthood is in the deception business, and Planned Parenthood’s interests in the Sex Education business are nothing more than mercenary.

Planned Parenthood will stop at nothing to keep profiting, even using our kids to do its dirty work.
PTA contracts with PP -- 'a total shock'
Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), a California-based family values organization has uncovered that parent-teacher associations are contracting with Planned Parenthood to teach sex education courses.

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