Planning for Adult Life activities, events, and materials are conducted and developed in partnership with
The Arc of New Jersey with funding from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities
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The Planning For Adult Life Program (PFAL) provides free presentations, hands-on workshops, and resources for school classrooms, parent groups, community or civic groups, and professional organizations via the web! Our standard presentation is approximately 45 minutes long and includes a brief introduction to the PFAL program, presented by one of our staff. 

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Webinar Wednesday Series
Creating a Transition Plan: Why it is Vital for Your Student's Future

The transition planning process includes evaluating the student’s skills, abilities, strengths, challenges, and preferences to envision their life after leaving school. Planning involves setting goals for the student to strive toward and identifying the need for supports. Carrying out the transition plan can begin at age 14 and should be a part of the student’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Students and families must be actively involved in the transition planning process as early as possible and keep it moving forward. This presentation discusses the importance of planning, the steps necessary to plan, and provides hands–on tools to put a plan in place.

Wednesday, April 15, 3:00pm

Yes, Your Child Can Work: Exploring the World of Work

For many people, a job is something that helps define who they are. It gives us a meaningful place to go everyday, a way to explore our interests, a means of earning money, and a way to be a part of our community. This workshop will discuss different employment options available to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and hands—on tools for preparing students for employment.

Wednesday, April 29, 3:00pm
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For Your INFORMATION: Utility Assistance
During this national health emergency, there are resources available to assist with utilities. When you call, you must communicate you have no income/your income has been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Energy utilities in NJ are suspending shutoffs. 
  • Families can call 2-1-1 for additional resources on their utility bills. 
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program(LIHEAP)- Community Resource page
  • Comcast- 1-(800) 266-2278 or 1-(866)-203- 0432 
  • Spectrum is providing free internet access by dialing 1-(844)- 488-8398.
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We Are Here To Help
During these extraordinary times, we at The Arc of New Jersey are working diligently to provide support, answers and advocacy for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and the community. Please know that our staff are working, some remotely, and will try to help in any way they can. Please call or email us as needed and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget that valuable information can be accessed through our fact sheets and recorded webinars. Also, please be sure to check our  COVID-19 Updates & Information page  for news and resources impacting people with I/DD during this time. This is a challenging period, but our organization is here to support you as best we can in the days and weeks ahead.