Planning for Adult Life activities, events, and materials are conducted and developed in partnership with
The Arc of New Jersey with funding from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities
Understanding Educational Advocacy: Incorporating Self-advocacy and Self-Determination in the Transition Process.

The SPAN Parent Advocacy Network supports families as advocates in improving education. SPAN has a Family Guide To Transition Services in New Jersey.
This presentation will provide an overview of topics in the guide discussing all aspects of the transition process including, the importance of self-advocacy skills, self-determination, and post-high school measurable goals.

Presenter: Dawn Oliver Monaco
Senior Parent Professional Trainer
SPAN Parent Advocacy Network

Wednesday, December 18, at 6pm

Important Updates
DDD’s  Timeline for Students Exiting School and Turning 21 , commonly known as the  Graduates Timeline , is now available. This timeline provides next steps for students who are turning 21, exiting the school system, and interested in accessing adult services through DDD. Because the fee-for-service transition is nearing completion and the information will remain the same going forward, the timeline is no longer specific to a graduating year. To download your copy, click HERE
Changes to Applications for Eligibility Website:  

Apply for Services

DDD changed its policy on how parents/guardians/individuals will complete the New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJCAT)

The major changes to the fact sheet and checklist are:
  • A trained DDD facilitator will conduct a face-to-face meeting with the individual and his or her guardian. The individual or guardian may invite other family members, service providers and or caregivers to participate in the meeting as well.
  • The facilitator will access the NJCAT online and, as prompted by the screen, will verbally ask each NJCAT question. The facilitator will enter each answer online only after the answer has been agreed upon by all meeting participants.
  • When all questions have been answered, the facilitator will submit the completed NJCAT electronically.
  • To download a sample of the NJCAT, click HERE
Revised Disabled Adult Child (DAC) Flyer
The below revised flyer has a new link for the ABD Medicaid application, which is on the bottom of page 2. This information will be helpful for anyone who is completing a DAC Medicaid application, and also for anyone doing an ABD Medicaid application,  including for NJ WorkAbility or Community Medicaid.  

Here is the link to the portion of the DMAHS website that discusses the NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid Aged, Blind and Disabled (ABD) programs.   
Last month our Webinar Wednesday Series was ' SSI and Medicaid: Things You Need to Know.' We have archived the recording on our website.
  • To view, click HERE.
  • To download a copy of the revised flyer, click HERE.

Please contact Beverly Roberts, the Director of The Arc of New Jersey's Mainstreaming Medical Care Program, if you have any questions on the ABD Medicaid application process.

Mark Your Calendars To Attend Our 2020 Planning After High School Conference?

These events are held throughout the state and consist of parent workshops on topics including: support coordination, the continuum of community services, financial planning, eligibility requirements, and where to find help.

The Planning Conference features a variety of exhibitors including: state and county government entities, community service providers, service coordinators, local health care support, recreation providers, and information & referral services. Families will have the chance to learn more about the resources in their communities and will also have the opportunity to speak with and interview potential service providers. 

  • Check our event calendar HERE
The New Jersey special education offices are responsible for supervising and monitoring the implementation of the federal requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) in local education agencies (LEAs) which include all school districts.  A Revised August 2019 version of the Parental Rights in Special Education manual has been posted. You can view by clicking HERE . The manual is also in the following languages:

Does Your Group Need A Speaker?
The Planning For Adult Life Program (PFAL) provides free presentations, hands-on workshops, and resources for school classrooms, parent groups, community or civic groups, and professional organizations. Our standard presentation is approximately 45 minutes long and includes a brief introduction to the PFAL program, presented by one of our staff. However, we are happy to accommodate special presentation requests with advance notice.
In general, we prefer to receive requests at least two weeks prior to the actual presentation date. After submitting the form, you will receive an email to confirm your request. To learn more and request a presentation, click HERE
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