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Let's Talk About Healthy Sexuality & Sexual Safety (Two Part Series)

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities should have access to information and services that support the possibility of experiencing healthy relationships and safe sexual experiences free from violence. In this webinar, we will explore the concept of sexual health and discuss the importance providing information and services that promote healthy sexuality and safety. A ttendees will explore the definition of sexuality, and become familiar with sexuality related needs, concerns and interests that can arise as a young person with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities grows. Special emphasis will be placed upon minimizing youth’s risk of abuse. 


Melissa Keyes DiGioia, CSE
Co-Founder & Director of Education, Finding Your Individuality

PART 1: Wednesday, JULY 17, at 6 pm
PART 2: Wednesday, JULY 24, at 6pm
Teaching Your Child About Consent
It's not an easy thing to talk with your kids about sex. We live in a culture soaked in sexuality—it's used to sell everything from cars to toys to clothing to the food we eat—and as parents, while many of us are more effective than ever at talking with our children about this, we are decidedly less-so when it comes to properly educating our kids—our boys, especially—about how to identify and ask for consent. In the article below, author and sexual consent activist Amy Hatvany shares five ways to talk to your kids about sex and consent.
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