Planning for Adult Life activities, events, and materials are conducted and developed in partnership with
The Arc of New Jersey with funding from the New Jersey Division of Developmental Disabilities
We Are People! Labels Are for Soup Cans!
This workshop will educate attendees on the negatives of using labels and how to overcome being labeled and bullied.
Wednesday, November 14 at 6 pm

The ABLE Act: A Down Payment on Freedom
This webinar will discuss the ABLE Act, a way for people with disabilities to save for qualified disability expenses without losing your eligibility for certain assistance programs, like SSI and Medicaid. Information will include how to open an ABLE account and what it can be used for.
Wednesday, December 5 at 6 pm
Parents Welcome to Attend Free Workshops, Presentations
Interested in other Planning for Adult Life events in the community? Then be sure to check out the PFAL calendar for local workshops happening across New Jersey. Click HERE. These presentations and events are all free and open to the public so don't miss a chance to learn more about the issues impacting your student with I/DD.
Four Life Lessons from Parents of Kids with Special Needs
"Several years ago, I sat down for dinner with my husband and two kids and leaned over to cut my older child’s meat. He was 10, and I’d been mindlessly doing it for, well, forever. But something stopped me in my tracks that night. I was a dean at Stanford University at the time, and the previous evening I’d given my annual talk to parents of freshmen  about “letting go” —resisting the urge to constantly check up on their kids or handle the daily tasks of college life for them and instead allow their kids, heck, even expect their kids to manage for themselves. And there I was, cutting my own son’s meat." To continue reading, click HERE .
Which Way Do We Go? Transitioning from High School to Employment
When trying to determine the best path for your son or daughter to take on their road to independence, the attainment of a college degree, in and of itself, should not be the ultimate goal. Rather, the ultimate goal should be employment and independent living. One of the most daunting decisions faced by parents with a child who has a disability, is what to do next when their son or daughter reaches the age of 18. Parents of non-disabled youth are in a different position. To continue reading, click HERE .
Join Us at an Opportunity Expo Near You
Register today and get the information you need to help your child transition!
The Planning for Adult Life Program hosts FREE Parent Forums and Opportunity Expos throughout the state. These events include workshops on a wide-range of topics, including: support coordination, the continuum of community services, financial planning, eligibility requirements, and where to find help. The Opportunity Expo features a variety of exhibitors that will include state and county government entities, community service providers, service coordinators, local health care support, recreation providers, and information & referral services. Families will be exposed to resources and supports in their area, and will have the chance to interview potential service providers to hire. To register, click on the following links:
Did You Know? A Resource Recommendation!
Have you visited ? If you haven't, take a moment and head over there now to see their step by step guide to organizing your child IEP binder. It will help you keep everything you need to plan and follow your child's education goals.