Wesley Prep Is Here For You!
March 22, 2020

Dear Wesley Prep Families,

Happy Sunday to each of you! I hope this email finds each of you happy and well and enjoying some fun with your family. As we come down off of spring break, and I imagine for most of us it was not the spring break that we had planned, a new reality is setting in now. Most of us are working from home, not getting out except for essentials and having a LOT of family time which has probably given you some time to think about the next few weeks and what they will look like for you and for all of us at Wesley Prep.
Tomorrow part of our Leadership Team will be meeting to discuss all the ways we plan on being partners with you while continuing to keep the school running as smoothly as possible. We appreciate and covet your prayers as we make decisions about and for the school during these tumultuous times. Also, tomorrow morning our elementary home room teachers will be sending you their first lessons to be done at home. I’m so proud of our elementary teachers who are learning how to navigate remote learning and are continuing to be lifelong learners themselves as they are learning how to use a variety of different platforms to support student learning. I’m also so proud of our preschool and MDO teachers who are also planning on being in touch with you while we are away. Please know there will be some glitches along the way and we certainly hope that you will let us know what these are so we can fix whatever is not working. I’m asking for GRACE for all of us as we begin this new process. We are all in this together even though we are separated – a phrase Mr. Bruce has been using this past week! We will try and keep things as NORMAL as we can during a most “unnormal” time.
All of us are available to you – we just need to know how we can help. Please feel free to email me and I will work on getting whatever you need done. All of you will receive a morning devotion from Mr. Bruce beginning tomorrow morning. This is the way we begin everyday in elementary and so we will continue beginning our day with all of you via email during this time as well. You will receive a weekly Panther Page on Monday just as we always do. And, I intend on emailing often with some helpful hints, websites that might be of interest, some funny jokes or memes or something that I find inspirational and hope that it will resonate with you too so that we can stay connected while separated. I hope you will take the time to send us pictures of your children doing their school work or playing with their siblings or maybe doing a new chore that is helping the family. Please send these photos to  enroll@wesleyprep.org  and we will include them in our weekly Panther Page.
I’m so grateful and thankful for teachers and staff who have accepted this challenge looming before us and will strive to do extraordinary things with your children from a distance. I’m grateful and thankful for a supportive School Board who continues to work on all things Wesley Prep! I’m grateful and thankful for LLUMC who has offered us the opportunity to live stream using their equipment. And, I just cannot say it enough, how grateful and thankful I am to all of the Wesley Prep parents who have supported our school in the past and who are continuing to support our school during these unprecedented times. Thank you for sharing your children with us on campus and now trusting us to continue their schooling from a far. I’m grateful and thankful for all of these blessings and I’m grateful and thankful to God for giving me each of you as we begin this journey together – while separated.
Hugs to each of the children and a most profound thank you to each of you parents,
Linda Altick
Executive Director

9200 Inwood Road
Dallas, Texas 75220
Direct: 214-706-9571
Main: 214-706-9568
Email: laltick@wesleyprep.org