September 2019  

Creating Your Legacy through Charitable Giving

Much has been written about how we create a legacy.  Many of us are constantly trying to identify what can make a difference, and how we can best impact our world, our family, our lives.  While there are many different motivating factors, I think it's important to ask what really makes a difference for you.  What memory do you want to leave that can live on?  
Another way of looking at this is identifying what family values will help to engage your family, get them involved and make a difference in your community.  This is where charitable giving has been extremely influential in helping families to live their values and be able to share them with others.  Whether it be helping less fortunate to find shelter, trying to support research for a disease that devastated your family, or impacting behaviour to combat climate change.  By having the whole family participate in helping to support this cause, or objective, it can have a great impact in bringing the family together, extending your values, and making a tremendous difference.  I have often heard, it's one of the most valuable experiences.

What is especially unique is most families never thought they were in the position of making such a difference. But when reviewing their objectives, identifying tax benefits, sometimes, small changes can make be extremely impactful.  If you want to learn more, let's talk.  

In the meantime, I'm hosting a luncheon on Charitable Giving, with guest speaker from Tides Canada.  It's time to learn more about Donations, and Donor Advised Funds, and especially those that are tied to "Impact", and seeing the difference you can make. 

Tides Canada recently launched the ImpactDAF, the first customizable donor advised fund in Canada that is 100% invested for impact. The ImpactDAF offers a unique solution where investments and grants have shared purpose. The ImpactDAF is designed for foundations, corporations, families, and individuals wanting to target and identify how they are making a difference.   For more information visit
Tides Canada is a leading national charity that enables community-led transformation for social, environmental, and economic justice. Tides Canada provides tools, expertise, and strategy to move from vision to impact.

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Financial Stepping Stones For Families 

September is also a time when school starts again.  Highlighting Financial tips for youth and families can help us stay on track.

Here are some tips for the young investor in your household!

Ideas for families to consider best financial priorities.
RESP Not Enough? Consider Life Insurance To Pay For A Child's Education 
I hope to see some of you at the theatre  this year

I am pleased to be sponsoring The Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts for the 5th year.  We will be sponsors of the OnStage Series, for unique Canadian talent in a more intimate setting.  
Who says you have to go downtown for interesting lectures.
As the theatre grows, new features continue.  This year, take advantage of the new " Speaker Series ", a series of professional lectures on critical topics.  For more information, or to purchase your tickets, click here .

September 12th at 7:30pm
Richmond Hill Centre For Performing Arts Speaker Series Presents

Bernie Farber will moderate a panel focusing on the concept of Indigenous genocide that was historically committed by Canada - consistent with the findings of Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


Sponsorship Opportunities are also available.

Joy of Aging 2019 is a special, fun and informative morning to celebrate Healthy aging, and this year, is the 10th anniversary. Join us to celebrate, and enjoy the new "fashion show".
All proceeds will go to the Mackenzie Health Foundation. T ickets, event details and sponsorship opportunities are all on the website-  There are many ways to be part of this great event that has 300+ annual attendees.  Know a business that would benefit?
Have a great group of ladies that deserve a morning out? Please share!


Big Picture:  Trade Worries the Markets Want to learn more about the ongoing trade wars we keep reading about in the headlines?  This piece gives a little history and goes beyond the headlines to better understand it's impact.

Portfolio Construction:  Beggar Thy Neighbour.  More about the ongoing shifts we see in trade talks.  

Of late, I've had many requests to review portfolios because of the increased volatility.  I am always happy when clients are engaged and want to ensure we are maintaining your priorities. 
 However, here are the questions we cannot answer:

*When the next recession will start.  There will be one, as it's cyclical. But usually when it's announced, we've already seen some market fluctuation  and it's past the time to sell.

*How much the market will drop at the next correction.  We do not own the index 100%, so your returns will be different.  This can be good, as it can protect downside.  Or not as good, as we may not keep up when stocks continue to increase rapidly, even when it appears it's not warranted.  

*When should we sell.  Since selling equities, means getting out of the market completely, I DO NOT recommend it.  That means we have to get out near the peak, and we have to get back in near the bottom. Timing those 2 things well is virtually impossible.  Trimming and being more defensive can make sense, but it will also lower returns over time.  Hence managing both the investments and the downside is an ongoing project.  

Last December, when markets hit bottom, the largest sales happened as many retail investors sold in December.  We now know that was the best month to invest in 2018.  Our minds are programmed to protect us when we sense danger.  Headlines that talk about volatility is sensing danger, but it's also often the best time to buy. 
Since nobody will ring a bell at the peak, or at the trough, we must ensure that you have what you need in the short-term, and use guidance to review the rest of the portfolio for your longer term.  Only take on the risk you can manage, both psychologically and financially.

Let's talk about how to accomplish this!
Defining Your Retirement
Are you ready for retirement?  By starting earlier, small changes can help.  Let's talk.
Is retirement on your horizon? FollowMe Health can keep you covered when group coverage ends. Click Here to learn more  

On November 21 (Richmond Hill) join me at  for a special presentation and workshop with realtor Sharon Parenteau and Professional Organizer Jeff Orr discussing downsizing options and resources available for a comfortable transition.

To RegisterClick Here 
Email or call (905) 707-5220 for more details
REFERRALS: Thank you for your referrals. We really appreciate you passing along our name.  If you know somebody who needs a 2nd opinion on their portfolio, or who really needs to focus on planning for the future and setting some objectives, I can help.  Ensuring you have the retirement income you need and paying the least amount of tax along the way is how I enable you to meet your personal financial objectives.  
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The expert in everything was once a beginner.  Unknown.
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