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July 2016
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It's crazy how quickly summer seems to get filled up with activities and planning for the fall!  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Summer time is a great opportunity to sit back and enjoy the natural wonders that your home area has to offer.  It is also a time for you to reflect on the mid-point of the year and what you have accomplished individually, as a family and perhaps as a business in your community.  

For individuals, families and family-owned businesses, this mid-point review is an important part of the giving process as it acts as a touchstone for legacy planning and donation management. It is a time for you to start looking at what donations you have made, what relationships you have with the charities and non-profits you support, and the types of conversations you are having with your children, grand-children, cousins, and extended family.  This lays a base for when you start the holiday giving discussion a few months from now. 

Here is a simple exercise for you to do on your own or with your loved ones to get the juices flowing:  

Put the following questions on to a slip of paper (one per piece).  Sitting around the table have each person draw a question and read it out loud.  Take turns going around the table answering the question and discussing the answers.  You might be pleasantly surprised as to what comes out in the conversation.

  • What is your favourite organization that you support with your time and/or money?
  • If you could solve any problem, what would it be?
  • How does your family (you) involve other generations in your giving?
  • What knowledge and skills do you bring to your giving?
  • Who would you consider to be role models for your giving?
  • Aside from your family, what/who has influenced your giving?
  • How does geography play into your giving?
  • When talking to others about giving, how do you describe it?
  • How do personal relationships with family and friends play a role in your giving?
  • What makes a good giver?
  • Parents recall  your first act of giving?
  • What issues are you passionate about?
  • What motivates you to give?
  • Who taught you about giving?
  • If you had $1,000 to give away, how would you allocate it?
  • If you had $1,000,000 to give away, how would you allocate it?
  • What social, historical or political events have influenced your giving?
  • Do you give from your heart (emotionally) or your head (rationally)?
This fall we will be holding a number of workshops across Canada on a variety of topics around 
philanthropy, legacy planning, and social capital management please visit Dexterity Events for dates and registrations.

As well, we continue to disburse funds raised through the #YMMFire Fund.  Thank you to all the small businesses and individuals who supported this initiative .  Updates on donations will be shared throughout the summer and into the fall.  

All the best for summer,

Gena Rotstein
Dexterity Consulting & Place2Give Updates
The past few months have been very busy with Place2Give Foundation in both Canada and the US.  We completed our annual review and over the past year we have distributed almost
half a million dollars charities to approximately 200 charities.   In addition to these funds we also established a number of micro-foundations on  myPlace2Give  es tablishing partnerships with a variety of organizations ranging from the Alberta Government to academic institutions to local associations.

One of the most proud accomplishments I am excited to share with you is the joint venture between Place2Give Foundation through  TheCardThatGives GoodPin , the  Association of Fundraising Professionals  and Ramp Communications .  Giving Tuesd'eh is our response to the Governor General's call to action making Canada the world's  Most  Generous Nation.  

Our goal - every Canadian donates at least $1 to charity on November 29th, 2016.

For more information about this joint venture, or how your company can get involved please visit 

We wrapped up our learning calendar for the summer with two exceptional events. Capital for Cause brought together over 50 advisors, family foundations, community foundations, family-owned businesses and charities from across Canada for a conversation around social impact investing and social capital management.  The "In Conversation With..." series hosted Dave Savage for an intimate discussion on collaborative leadership and management.  

Back by popular demand, the TD Women and Philanthropy workshops will begin again this fall.  We are in the planning process for this.  Please share your thoughts by taking this short survey.
Featured Charity Featured Social Enterprise
#YMMFire Fund   

The #YMMFire Fund is comprised of 8 different charities including:
  • AARCS 
  • Learning Through the Arts 
  • Wood Buffalo Food Bank
  • Rotary Club of Fort McMurray 
  • First Responder Foundations 
  • Distress Centre Calgary
  • Edmonton Street Fest 
  • YMCA Northern Alberta 
We picked these organizations after conversations with their leadership and others in the community.  Our criteria is simple: use of funds to offset unexpected expenses incurred by the charity as a result of the tragedy (i.e. staff overtime, travel between evacuee centres, supplies, etc.); support immediate and mid-term needs where funding from the Red Cross, insurance or the government is not available; must be able to track the use of funds and report back in a timely manner; unless otherwise established, funds to be used within a year of receipt.
mobiFIT is a personal training company that was born from two things: A 'Why?' of guiding others to healthy, happy lives filled with love and laughter, merged with a passion for fitness as the vehicle to do so. The 'How' of fitness takes a holistic approach that includes nutrition, and coaching to manage issues such as stress, rest and recovery. 

As a natural extension of their desire to have a positive impact on others, especially their health, mobiFIT is participating in planting Community Orchards with REAP Business Association and Enactus Calgary. This program began in 2012 when Eat Naaco asked REAP for assistance planting 50 trees in order to cut the carbon emissions of its mobile food business.

Our Stats
Since 2012 we have been tracking different stats.
Information such as:
  • most commonly donated to charity, 
  • where donors live, 
  • average donation, 
  • most generous city, 
  • number of charities supported, 
  • total dollars disbursed, 
  • number of family foundations and advisors supported and 
  • estimated total dollars influenced through strategic philanthropy planning
Since 2012:
  • $7.5Million transacted via Place2Give Foundation ($2Million) and Dexterity Consulting philanthropy advising services ($5.5Million)
  • Worked with advisors to establish six private family foundations and over 20 Donor Advised Fund accounts
  • 6 Micro-Foundations established and flow-through donations managed to approximately 10 Canadian charities
Here are our stats for 2015:
  • Over 160 charities supported
  • 3 multi-million dollar capital campaigns supported
  • $390,000CDN was directed to the Canadian Charities
  • $40,000USD was directed to US charities
  • 2 Joint Ventures entered into that will affect 20,000 homeless people across Canada and impact the lives of 90,000 residents in a community to access potable water
  • Charities in 9 provinces/territories received funding through Place2Give
  • Alberta's charities received the most donations with an average disbursement of $1,136/charity followed by BC at $1,029 and Ontario at $896
  • Over $14,000 GIVE cards purchased TheCardThat.Gives - funds are being distributed monthly as cards are redeemed
  • Average donation: $326 - Canada; $254 - US
To see our financials please visit Place2Give .

In addition to these numbers we have employed eight new Canadians providing them with valuable work for them to build upon for their careers and we have worked with four universities providing internships and work placement opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.
Thank you to our donors and partners:

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