Planning Our Next Steps
We are officially finished with our Winter/Spring Wise Money Talks educational workshops. It has been quite a varied line up of dynamic speakers, topics, and perspectives. We hope you have enjoyed the different lenses on what makes up the mind, heart, and actions of a financially empowered life.

It has never been more clear that our world is filled with contradictions. Some have experienced more freedom during the lockdowns—time to look inward while the surrounding environment has been in chaos. We have also re-learned that though money does not buy us freedom from a virus, it can buy us the conditions to reduce our risk.

Now it is time to use our newfound insights and plan our next steps. How will we reconfigure our world to be more healthy, happy, and whole? What do we need to move forward in a way that is sustainable and joyful?

These questions can lead us to the insights and actions needed to live our best lives.

As we wrap up, know that we are already contemplating our next season. We will be digging deeper and casting wider to gather new tools and strategies to make our financial lives thrum with passion, purpose, and wisdom.

We are so glad you are part of our community. We look forward to seeing you in September!

Have a wonderful summer!

Tracy, Kamal, and the SWA Team
Season Review & Plan For The Future
As we have reached the end of our successful Wise Money Talks Webinars season, Tracy, Kamal, and our team at Sophia Wealth Academy would like to thank you for your support. We are now actively planning for the fall and would appreciate your feedback on past webinars and thoughts for future topics. Whether you have attended sessions in person, via Zoom, or viewed on our YouTube channel …or have not yet participated in any sessions, we want to hear from you! Please take a few moments to complete our survey and help us plan for an exciting new season!

To show our gratitude, you will be entered into a draw to receive a complimentary registration to our Financial Empowerment Foundations eCourse.
Sophia Wealth Academy's Financial Empowerment Foundations eCourse is designed to provide you with
the knowledge, wisdom, and support you need to reach
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Financial Empowerment Foundations eCourse
Increase Your Financial Confidence in Five Simple Steps
Based on Tracy Theemes’ popular book The Financially Empowered Woman, this interactive and informative online course teaches the basics of personal financial planning through the lens of your own values, economic needs, and priorities. Working through five key questions, the course helps you to confidently begin your financial planning journey by building your own
financial plan.
“I thought the course was excellent and I suspect would leave the vast majority of people well informed and very hopeful regarding their ability to direct their financial future. The care package is terrific.”
From Our BLOG
Achieving an Empowered Retirement

When and how we retire has changed substantially over the years. Currently, the goal is all about achieving an empowered retirement. But what does that mean exactly? According to Kamal Basra, co-founder of Sophia Financial Group, it is about having freedom, choices, independence, and more importantly, enough income to feel financially secure in your retirement years.
Becoming Financially Empowered in My 20s

As a young woman in her early 20s working as the Marketing Coordinator for Sophia Wealth Academy (SWA), Lindsay Gerber is learning to walk the talk. She has been working tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring that SWA has a distinct presence on social media and that all of our Wise Money Talk webinars run smoothly. This means that she has also become acutely aware of all that is involved in becoming financially empowered. Makes sense that she would start to apply what she has learned to her own life. She shares her very personal journey with us in her blog.
Wise Money Moves Podcast
Join Kamal Basra and Tracy Theemes, financial dynamos behind Sophia Financial Group (a successful advisory firm in Vancouver, BC) and Sophia Wealth Academy (their empowering educational platform), as they navigate their social agenda of promoting economic equality with the pressures and responsibilities of investment management. How do they succeed in this crazy world of media hype and the ever-unpredictable capital markets? Follow these two wild women as they let you inside their inspiring, empowering world of finance. 
Wise Money Moves Podcast is also available on all popular podcast platforms. 
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