March 24, 2020

The coronavirus has changed many things this past week. All of us are adjusting to new forms of working, being and praying. In light of the changes in social distancing and meeting restrictions, we are suspending ALL deadlines for the Area Catholic Community plans. IF you would like to maintain your momentum in planning please do so safely by teleconferencing or via email. This may be a good time to clarify or adjust the goals and action steps in your plans. If you would like help in this area let me know. This new time frame does not change the plans, it just delays it for now. I will share deadlines when we have a better sense how long social distancing will be required. I am still available via email and phone at this time if you have any concerns or questions.

Flexibility and adapting to current realities are a part of the planning process. This is one of those instances where unforeseen circumstances have an impact on planning. We need to adjust and update as appropriate. Thank you for your work in making a difference in our parishes.

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