December 2019

Submitting your ACC plan

Due date: Tuesday, December 31

What are we looking for in the plan?
  • Specific goals and actions - if the ideas are too vague we will ask you to clarify
  • Dates - giving the actions a time frame provides accountability for everyone
  • Collaborative efforts - working together will build the Kingdom of God in our diocese

Who submits the plan?
The final plan should be signed by the pastors and the chairperson of the ACC
and sent to the Planning Office by:
fax (251-0470)
mail (214 3rd Ave. S. PO box 1248 St. Cloud, MN 56301)
email ( or

***Future Diocesan Regional Ministry Gatherings will be based on the goals submitted. More information to come.
Leadership Day Follow-Up
Conflict Management

On October 24, Doug Tooke talked to about 100 people on collaboration, delegation, and conflict management in parish life. Here is one of the videos that he used that day on conflict management. Share your insights at your next ACC planning council meeting:
1) When you are part of a team or come to a meeting thinking you know the outcome, how does this hinder productivity? 
2) Christ is the greatest example of sacrifice. How in working with others, does sacrifice of self help with collaboration or prevent good collaboration?
3)Share about each character in the video. Share about your experience being one of the characters? How did that impact the outcome of the team's work?
Why aren't youth and young adults in church?

This question is asked often. Saint Mary's Press created a new video documentary in collaboration with Springtide Research Institute for Religion and Young People to address this very question. This is sneak peek of the video called Beyond Disaffiliation. Even though this is not the full version, it does give some great insights into some stories of youth and young adults.
A Blast from the Past....
In 1999, the Diocese of Saint Cloud conducted a pastoral life survey. The survey encouraged respondents to reflect on the "importance" of 59 pastoral goals and to judge the parish's "success" in attaining each of those same goals. Two goals received the highest average rating of importance: 1) Meeting the needs of youth and young adults and 2) Protecting human life at all stages of its development. Respondents felt there was "good success" in regard to protecting human life at all stages, however, felt that only "fair success" was being accomplished in regard to meeting the needs of youth and young adults.
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