April 2020

In the last few weeks we have seen many fast and unexpected changes. We have learned new skills, been creative in communication, and reached out to each other in innovative ways. This past Holy Week, full of many emotions of the current experience, was lived yet again in the full experience of Christ's saving grace and all of the emotions of that experience. We know that Christ brings light to the darkness. Even though there is some anxiety and fear right now there are also beautiful examples of God's love. Some examples I have heard or seen are: coordinating ecumenical services that were broadcast on the local radio station, blessing of families in cars on Easter Sunday, families creating new traditions in their homes by venerating home crosses and washing each other's feet, branches or hearts or divine mercy pictures in home windows, phone calls to members of the parish to check in on them especially the elders, sending Jesus loves you postcards in the mail, just to name a few.

Some of the diocesan staff have created short videos as part of a “We are the Church Together” video series to encourage, support, and let you know were are working from home. Click the above title to see all of the videos. Here's mine...
Planning Process

A good planning process gives focus and vision for the near and long term future. We know we need to make adaptations based on expectations, changing environments, and unpredictable events.

The pandemic invites us to take a look at our reality in a new way. Where does this lead your imagination ?

Does the pandemic change anything with our pastoral plans? Should it?
Questions we could be asking ourselves right now to begin to reflecting on our experience:
  • What have we done differently in the last couple of weeks? Why? What has worked?
  • What has surprised you in the last couple of weeks?
  • What have we learned?
  • What do we not want to lose when we we are able to meet in person again?
  • What do we want to lose when we are able to meet in person again?
Area Catholic Community Pastoral Plans

Although the deadline for resubmitting your pastoral plan has been delayed at this time, we encourage you to continue to work on these plans. Two plans are now online on the diocesan planning website. Some planning councils are video conferencing to continue their momentum. If you have any questions about that possibility call or email me.

Holy Week Diocesan liturgies were live-streamed and accessible through our Diocesan app

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