May 2020
by Br. David Steindl-Rast

Allow yourself to be reminded of the sacredness of every moment and to live from the great fullness of your heart.
Area Catholic Communities

Pastoral Plans

Although the deadline for resubmitting your pastoral plan has been delayed at this time, we encourage you to continue to work on these plans. We will put these plans up on the website as soon as they are received. Two plans are now online on the diocesan planning website. Some planning councils are video conferencing to continue their momentum. If you have any questions about that possibility call or email me.

Collaborative Efforts

The changes that have come from the pandemic may have been a great opportunity to work together as an ACC to provide spiritual and pastoral needs for the entire community. We would love to hear what have you done; send a email. What are the plans, as we move forward, to celebrate

Care Teams

In the first March planning update (before the pandemic changed our world), we shared that teams of two from our diocesan staff would like to visit ACC planning councils, staffs, etc. to talk more in depth about your plan and how the diocesan offices may be of assistance, as well as how a regional ministry gathering in your area might be helpful in implementing your goals. While the goal of that idea hasn't changed the approach will change for now.
We recently decided that these teams, now called "care teams," would contact the planning council chair and/or pastor to see if there is anyway to be of assistance at this time. We are hoping to connect with all ACCs in the next couple of months.
Meet Louie! We have been working from home these last couple of months. As with anything, there are pros and cons. While my pets (I have a dog and a cat) have been enjoying some extra attention, they have also challenged "my" work space.
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