East Village Underway
East Village is starting to take shape!

The first signs of the transformation started this Summer with the demolition of the old Gallery and lumber yard. Thanks to a local resident, here is some video footage of the final stages of the demolition.

More recently the Town's new brewery, 'Fern & Cedar Brewing', has had its foundation poured. The brewery construction is set to be completed Spring or Summer 2021.
The East Village Revitalization project will transform a neglected, uninviting area in Qualicum Beach’s uptown, into a unique and thriving neighbourhood for both businesses and residents.

For more information go to the webpage for East Village Revitalization
Rodway Trail
The project to re-establish Rodway Trail is underway, with crews constructing the graded access to the steps from the top of Arbutus Street. The stair design and construction is currently out for tender.

Rodway Trail will not only open up commuter connections for residents in West Qualicum Beach, but will allow tourist access to walking “loops” that lead to various attractions and businesses around the Town.

The waterfront is one of Qualicum Beach’s most integral cultural, social and environmental assets, and access to it from multiple points strengthens the community’s connection to it. 

For more information, visit the web page for Rodway Trail Re-Establishment.
LED Light Replacement Project
Qualicum Beach will be one of the first to receive LED street light upgrades as part of BC Hydro’s Street Light Replacement Project, expected to start as early as this year.
The new street lights will help improve public safety in the community by increasing the visibility of sidewalks and roads at night, as well as help reduce light pollution. LEDs also last longer, require less maintenance, and use less electricity. 

Read more details on this project here.
Waterfront Walkway Update
The Town has a long-standing goal of establishing a safe, continuous walkway along the Qualicum Beach waterfront. This project will reconfigure Highway 19A to build a separated pathway for pedestrians/cyclists along the roadway, connecting existing segments of the protected walkway.

The walkway has now been paved and delineators have been erected. Custom concrete roadside barriers are to be poured next, and then road lines painted in the Spring.

For more information go to the web page for Waterfront Walkway Update.
"Into The Woods" Childcare Facility
The Town has awarded the project management for Into the Woods Childcare Centre, and Council recently passed a motion to "proceed with design and construction on the north side of the Park Road parking lot ... subject to a future design review by Council" (see picture below). "

Grant money from the Province will fund the creation of 37 new spaces for children aged three years to kindergarten. The studio will provide a new 3,269 square foot childcare centre with outdoor play area, set within the Town owned community park.

The facility will create new high quality and affordable childcare spaces, under two licensing types. The facility will be operated by a non-profit society, and is a key step in addressing a critical need within our community, especially for underserved populations.

To view the report go to our webpage for Into the Woods Childcare Centre.
Advancements in the Town mapping system in the last few years have brought to light a large number of encroachments, where a property owner is  using Town-owned land without authorization. This could be the extension of a yard, storage of   materials on public land or even construction of a house or outbuildings on Town land. 

Dealing with these encroachments is one of Council’s priorities in the 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. Staff will discuss options with property  owners, including removing all encroachments or leasing the land at market value.  

Selling the land at market value is only an option where there is no potential future use.

The Town has begun contacting property owners, and the initiative will continue until all encroachments have been resolved.  
Former St. Andrews' Waterfront Park Update
There was much activity around the Former St. Andrews' Waterfront Park these past months.

Council made a motion for a society to be formed to preserve and revitalize the building, and make efforts to find a continued use for the building in keeping with its historical roots. The restoration of the building will be at no cost to the Town. Council further supported a motion that could see the Town entering into a lease with the Society for use of the Lodge building after the building has been restored.

Tree remediation was also completed on the site, based on arborist recommendations submitted and approved by Council on October 7, 2020.

The park is set to be opened in the Spring of 2021.

For more details visit the St Andrews web page.
Memorial Roundabout
Over the past months crews have been doing work to make way for the Memorial Roundabout construction. Crews located utility services, and geotechnical crews drilled to confirm sub surface conditions. With this work now complete, construction can commence on the long awaited roundabout.

Construction for the roundabout is currently out for bid, due December 22, 2020, and work is set to commence in early 2021.

Reconstruction of this intersection will increase public safety, calm traffic, improve services levels and reduce idling. This project will also construct a viewing deck on the road shoulder as shown above, enhancing access to the foreshore view.

For more details visit our webpage for Memorial Roundabout Project.
Grant Updates now Available
Our Town Projects page has been updated to provide information about grant applications the Town has submitted.

The Town has worked hard securing grant funding that would seek to strengthen the Town economically, culturally, and socially, and help achieve the goals stated in the 2019 Strategic Priorities and 2018 Official Community Plan. 

View the Grant Summary page here.