The Residences at Qualicum Station
 Affordable Housing Feedback
The Town is looking for your feedback on the proposed 56-unit affordable housing development located at Village Way and Railway Street.
The subject property was designated by the Town for an affordable housing development in 2020, and the land has been leased by the Town to Qualicum-Parksville Kiwanis Housing Society. For a complete set of plans and more background on this project, please visit
Town Council is seeking your feedback on the proposed design. The Development Permit Area guidelines are used as a structure for this survey, and there is an opportunity for open comments on each item.
For more information on the project, to see design proposals, and to read the memo to Council, go to

Memorial Roundabout Construction
The contractor has commenced work on the roundabout and is currently working to 
relocate utilities underground. 

Traffic has been detoured from the work site to allow for worker safety, and to avoid project delays caused by traffic control.

Traffic traveling down Memorial Avenue will not be able to turn right onto Highway 19A, but left-handed turns onto 19A will still be possible, to the extent that the construction activities allow. Drivers are encouraged to plan their routes accordingly. 

Ample advance signage will alert drivers to upcoming detours, with signage posted at Bennet Road, Village Way, Laburnum Road, and Crescent Road West. Traffic traveling along Highway 19A is also encouraged to detour via the Town's ring road (Laburnum/Rupert/ Bennett) to avoid further congestion.

Traffic calming will be implemented on Crescent Rd West, Crescent Road East, and on Elizabeth Avenue to deal with the increased traffic along these routes. 

We encourage you to support the local businesses around the intersection where possible. We also thank you for your patience during this time.

Keep updated on our Facebook page and on our project webpage .
Cold Weather Shelter
The Town has been working with local governments within the region to find suitable lands to temporarily house our most vulnerable community members during these unprecedented times. Together, our local governments have identified the land south of the Qualicum Beach airport as the most appropriate location for a temporary cold-weather shelter.

At an in-camera meeting on February 3, 2021, the Council of the Town of Qualicum Beach publicly released the following resolution:
THAT Council directs staff to engage the Province for use of the South airport lands for a period of 6 months past the duration of the COVID19 pandemic for a temporary, all day cold weather shelter to aid a maximum of 15 individuals.

Read the full media release here.
East Village Progress
East Village has had quite a few developments in the last months.

Fern & Cedar Brewing is starting to take shape (see below), and construction is set to be completed in Spring or Summer 2021.

Sale of Land to Windley. The Town signed an agreement with Windley Projects Inc. (Windley) to sell 0.51 acres of Town-owned land on 126, 130 and 136 Second Avenue East (see image below).

The land is currently used as a public parking lot but will be transformed into mixed-use residential and commercial building(s) as part of the East Village Revitalization project. To offset the loss of parking, the Town will be constructing new parking on Berwick Road.

Later this year, Windley will submit a full development application, which will be the subject of a public zoning amendment application and development permit review. Members of the public will have opportunities to comment throughout the development review process. 

For more information go to East Village Revitalization
Eaglecrest Entrance Pedestrian Walkway
Crews were recently busy infilling a ditch at the entrance of Eaglecrest to help define the road shoulder and create a separate pedestrian walkway along a previously narrow strip.

This marks the completion of water and sewer works that were started in the area in 2019/2020.
Bus Garage Development
The Bus Garage Working Group has concluded its work over the last month looking at potential configurations for the placement of the Naked Naturals Whole Food store on the site, and also to determine the portion of land to be sold to Naked Naturals.

After developing evaluative criteria, the group developed alternative configurations and evaluated various site options using those criteria. The final step for the group was to form recommendations for Council.

The Town's next step will be to consider engagement opportunities for the community to help determine the future of the remaining site, including options for parking, amenities, and community space.
Parking Study
The Town of Qualicum Beach is seeking parties to complete a parking utilization study for the Town.

The Town undertook a similar parking study for the Town of Qualicum Beach in 2007, with the purpose of the study to assess the availability of parking in the commercial core of Qualicum Beach.

View the Request for Proposal and previous study here.
Rodway Trail
The project to re-establish Rodway Trail continues, with crews having now constructed the graded access to the steps from the top of Arbutus Street. The stairs are currently being manufactured and should be in place by summer 2021.

Rodway Trail will not only open up commuter connections for residents in West Qualicum Beach but will allow tourist access to walking “loops” that lead to various attractions and businesses around the Town.

The waterfront is one of Qualicum Beach’s most integral cultural, social, and environmental assets, and access to it from multiple points strengthens the community’s connection to it. 

For more information, visit the web page for Rodway Trail Re-Establishment.
Waterfront Walkway Completion
Custom concrete roadside barriers have now been installed along the waterway, and residents are reporting a much safer pedestrian experience.

The Town recently applied for grant funding, which if awarded, would see the development of a significant amount of roadside parking created through ditch infill along Highway 19A.

The last piece of work is for road lines to be painted in the Spring of 2021.

For more information on the project go to Waterfront Walkway Update.
"Into The Woods" Childcare Facility
The Town has engaged an architect in the design of the childcare facility and is currently working to refine the plan with the Early Learning Childcare Coalition Oceanside (ELCCO), who will operate the centre. After a conceptual design has been developed it will be taken to Council for approval. Construction is expected to begin later this spring.

Grant money was received from the Province to create 37 new spaces for children aged three years to kindergarten, in a new 3,269 square-foot childcare centre, with an outdoor play area, which is set within the Town-owned community park. This is a key step in addressing a critical need within our community, especially for underserved populations.

For more information go to our webpage for Into the Woods Childcare Centre.
Age Friendly Wayfinding
In 2020, the Town received funding from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) to create age-friendly wayfinding for the Town's trail networks.

Staff have been working with LANARC, a local landscaping architect consultant, to map key trails and signpost the trail's accessibility (trail length, elevation, grade, etc). These details will allow users to confidently match their ability and needs with the different trails on offer.

The project will also implement a series of guided walks that show how to use the trail wayfinding to its greatest potential.

The project is set to be completed by Summer 2021.

For more information go to
Grant Updates
The Town has worked hard to secure grant funding that would seek to strengthen the Town economically, culturally, and socially. View the latest updates on our Grant Summary page here.