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In this issue: So much to do, so little time...learn tips on how to plan your days attending the 80th Oregon Logging Conference, how to earn the maximum pro logger credits (and Oregon and Washington Forest Practices credits), and enjoy photos from past years at the OLC.  Easy Quick Links t o the 2018 OLC program schedule, panel and seminar topics, social events, competitions and other activities can be found on the last page of this newsletter.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!
Click on Photo Above to View a Video of the Equipment Show
OLC would like to thank its partners, the dedicated exhibitors, which represent a huge part of the conference every year. The many exhibitors and sponsors are the reasons the OLC is the biggest show west of the Mississippi and with your help, we continue to grow.
Walking through both the outside and inside exhibits this year, you will find examples of what it takes to keep the logging industry running. More than 300 exhibitors and sponsors will gladly talk about their products and services, which range from the 99-cent ear protection to the $750,000+ latest technology in logging, trucking, construction, and heavy equipment.
A big thank you to all of the sponsors of the Oregon Logging Conference. Without your continued support, this conference would not be possible.
For a full list of exhibitors and sponsors, click here to view the names on the OLC website.
$95 will get you registered for the 80th Oregon Logging Conference, the panels, seminars, social events and much more. Here's what is included in the registration fee:
  • Wednesday pre-registration meet & greet at the Eugene Hilton.
  • Thursday opening breakfast, meetings and social networking at the well-known OLC Sawdust bowl.
  • Friday breakfast, meetings, break-out seminar sessions, and social networking at the well-known OLC Sawdust bowl.
  • An opportunity to sign-up to compete in the 80th Annual Log Loader Competition.
  • The largest logging equipment show west of the Mississippi with millions of dollars of equipment on display.
  • Attend meetings and earn Pro Logger credits.
Ready, Set, Go!
The 80th OLC is packed with timely and important panel and seminars
T he first two days od the Oregon Logging Conference are full of hands on workshops, panel discussions, and Oregon and Washington Forest Practices seminars.
Hands-on workshops will take place Thursday morning (Log Defects and the Result in Products), and Friday afternoon (Evergreen and Growing) and (Logging and Cutting with winch and Tether-Assist Systems – Safety and Site Selection)
Panel discussions will take place Thursday afternoon (Better Ideas/New Technology) and Friday afternoon (Commercial Thinning).
Seminars will take place Friday morning (Mass Timber – Revisit CLT), Friday afternoon (Rebranding an Industry and Finding your Next Foreman).
The Oregon and Washington Forest Practices seminars will be held on Friday morning, both starting at 8:30 a.m.
The Oregon Forest Practices seminar will include topics How the Forest Practices Act Changes, Update: ODF on Steep Slope Logging, Adaptive Management Reflected in New Rule Changes, Agency Overview of the New Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Rules, Industry Implementation fo the New Salmon, Steelhead and Bull Trout Rules, Best Management Practices for FPA Low Compliance Areas, Aerial Spraying: Local Politics Driving Statewide Policies, and ODF’s Fire Severity Aircraft Program. The Washington Forest Practices seminar will include topics Policy Challenges and What That Means to You, Logging in the Black – Post Burn, and Challenges of Permitting and Logging in the Black – Post Fire Salvage.
A complete list of speakers, their background, what topics they will adress and the times of their presentations is listed on the Oregon Logging Conference website. Click here to view .
OLC Foundation
Scholarship Recipient Success Story
Hayes McCoy, Owner, H. A. McCoy Engineering & Surveying LLC., Redmond, Oregon

“While attending Oregon State University, I was honored to be the recipient of an Oregon Logging Conference Foundation scholarship.
The generous award allowed me to continue my education and obtain the necessary skills to pursue my career, eventually forming my own company in 2013. 
"Like any child who grew up in a logging family and working in the woods at a young age, I learned a work ethic that has shaped my career and I am thankful that I am able to give back to the same scholarship program that helped me.”
The $28,000 that was raised at the OLC Foundation auction last year provided a financial boost to more than a dozen college students. These students are the up and coming leaders in the logging and forestry industries.

Join us this year for the OLC Foundation auction on both Thursday (February 22nd) and Friday (February 23rd), starting at 8 a.m., in the Wheeler Pavilion during the opening session breakfasts both days. Auctioneer will be Jaime Yraguen of Basco Logging Co. Your generosity this year at the OLC Foundation auction will help further the higher educational pursuits of many young students planning a career in the industry.

The big item on the auction list on Friday, (February 23rd) is a popular 24B360VI High Speed Sawhead, with reserve bid, donated by Quadco / Southstar Equipment. All proceeds after the reserved bid has been met will be donated to the OLC Foundation Scholarship fund. The head will be auctioned off at 8 a.m. on Friday, February 23rd during the "members" breakfast in the Wheeler Pavilion. The sawhead will be on display at Quadco's inside exhibit area.   Click here for more information. If you can't attend, call the OLC office to make arrangements to place a "proxy" bid - 541.686.9191.

Washington Contract Loggers Association Credit Union is offering 12 months interest free financing to the sucessful bidder. Must be credit approved and you call Brian Bahs for more information 360.352.5033

Here's a list of the many great items available.
 Thursday, February 22nd
Friday, February 23rd
  • Legacy High Back Truck Seat (sponsor: Pape’ Kenworth)
  • Pair of Michelin front truck tires (sponsor: Farwest Tire Factory)
  • 24B360VI High Speed Sawhead, with reserve bid, item displayed in Quadco’s inside booth (Sponsor: Quadco Southstar)
  • 12 Months 0% financing to purchaser of the High Speed Sawhead. Must be credit approved and quality for financing. (sponsor: WCLA Credit Union)
  • Truck Seat (sponsor: Brattain International)
  • 100ft Reel of OREGON’s “New” 19HX.404 pitch Harvester Saw chain (sponsor: OREGON)
  • Tyson Patio Pellet Heater (sponsor: Tyson Fire)
  • Husqvarna 372 XP with 28 inch bar (sponsor: Pacific Tractor & Equipment)
  • Tool Box and Straps (sponsor: Western Trailer Sales)
  • $500 Gift Card towards custom wood burning or original painted art from Great Jesspections, artist Colleen Jess, grand-daughter of late Ken Brauner well known artist. (sponsor: Cleanfix)
  • 100ft Reel of TriLink “New”HV80BR100 Harvester Chain. (sponsor: TriLink Saw Chain)
  • Custom Icebox Performance Intercooler built by Radiator Supply House (sponsor: Radiator Supply House)
  • One Professional Guided Fishing Trip for two people - One day on a Southern Oregon River with Robert Montgomery Oregon Fishing Guide Service (sponsor: First Strike Environmental)

As the OLCF is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, all donations and purchases are tax deductible. Proceeds from the auction support scholarships awarded to deserving students to help with college-related costs. These students go on to play vital roles in the future of the logging and forestry industry. 
Oregon Logging Conference Foundation
Scholarship Applications Are Now Available
The Oregon Logging Conference Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 college year. The applications must be received in the OLC Foundation office no later than May 1st.

The OLC Foundation scholarship program is available to students who are studying in forestry related areas such as: 

  • Forest Engineering
  • Forest Management
  • Forest Operations Management
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Welding
  • Resource Management
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Other forest /timber industry related areas of study

Click Here to download the OLC Foundation application and guidelines.
Download the program schedule (click here) and look it over today. Highlight the panels and seminars that peak your interest and mark the dates and times. Then you can plan ahead and get the most out of the many program topics, seminars and social activities that are planned. 

The best of the best will be on display and there are many activities planned...all in one location. This opportunity comes along just once a year, and this is it! 

Click on the images and logos below to learn more.
Granddaughter Carries On Artists' Legacy
The late Ken Brauner specialized in painting the history of logging in the northwest. His work is well known throughout the logging community in Oregon, Washington, and California, can be found worldwide, and also in the offices of numerous forest companies.

His presence at the Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) began in 1959 with his first sketching the life size charicature backdrop of the conference theme that displayed on the stage during the meetings and became a long-standing piece for over 40 years. His creative artwork adorned the covers of the annual OLC program for many years, and his original paintings were presented to OLC Presidents as they stepped down from their term of leading the Conference.

Brauner passed away in March 2008, but his legacy lives on through his granddaughter, Colleen Jess. Prior to Brauner’s passing, Jess spent a few months working with her grandfather, learning some of his techniques in oil painting. She inherited his supplies as well as his easel, and set to work on paintings of her own. She was already teaching herself pen and ink drawing, soon started elaborate wood burning, and began her own art business.
If Jess’ name sounds familiar, it is because she and her business, Great Jesspectations, are a regular vendor at the Oregon Logging Conference, as well as other Oregon events. She continues to work in all mediums, creating works of art from painted landscapes to wood burned portraits to pen and ink drawings.

Another one of OLC’s loyal vendors, Cleanfix, recently commissioned a custom wood burned piece for their offices, and have announced they are donating a $500 gift certificate for Great Jesspectations to the 2018 Oregon Logging Conference Foundation education auction. The lucky winner of this gift certificate will be able to order their own custom wood burning piece or a painting.
Beauty landscape
by Colleen
Wood burning piece of one of Ken's famous oil paintings
Colleen's painting of
Bays Lake
9th Annual Log Loader Competition
Click on Photo Below to Watch Video
Helping Students Create Connections and
Pathways to Natural Resource Careers
Seventy-five to one-hundred students from five schools are expected to participate this year at the High School Skills Demonstration, which takes place at the Lane County Fairgrounds as part of the Oregon Logging Conference.

Student participation in the demonstration is encouraged by a coordinated educational effort that for many years was called Vocational Education (or shop classes) and was fine-tuned in 2016 by Forests Forever, Inc. (FFI). And while shop classes of days gone by may evoke outdated images of students some may have descried as good with their hands, but not with their heads, today’s program includes heavy doses of academics and much more.

FFI took a big step forward to provide high school students with opportunities to explore careers in natural resources management on a statewide basis. A Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) was formed through a partnership with FFI, the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon State University Extension, and the Hopkins Demonstration Forest in Oregon City, OR.

Focused on high schools with a Career Technical Program of study in natural resources, the Student Organization’s main goal was to connect high school students with natural resource professionals and provide skills that would better prepare the students to develop a pathway to enter the workforce (either out of high school or paint them towards a post-secondary pathway).

The Career Technical Student Organization appropriately became known as the Oregon Future Natural Resource Leaders and in April of 2016 had nine chapters statewide. Lessons integrated oral and written communication, technology, problem solving, and critical thinking tasks inside and outside the classroom. Bottom line, the focus was on learning by doing.

The partnership today that coordinates the educational outreach program was developed after changes in educational opportunities began in the 1970s. During that decade there was so much interest in forestry careers that the Association of Oregon Forestry Clubs was formed. The Association’s mission was to promote student leadership, create real world career connections and experiences, build teamwork, and generate comradery in the field of forestry. In the late 70’s to early 80’s nearly 30 high schools were actively participating statewide.

Then came budget cuts, teachers/advisors’ retirements and by 2007, only six high schools were participating. The High Schools struggled yet managed to keep the programs going and in 2014, Forests Forever Inc. stepped in to help develop a plan for the future. First was to change the focus from forestry to all areas of natural resources and update the core goals and values to better align with today’s needs.

This now allowed the program to be more inclusive, and reflective of the vast diversity of Oregon’s natural resources and bring in other high school programs across the state.

After exploring several avenues of support and assistance, the path eventually led the student chapters to The Hopkins Demonstration Forest and the FFI Board of Directors. Stepping in to facilitate an effort to support the remaining schools were the Clackamus County Extension faculty and Hopkins Forestry Educator Peter Matzka.

Forests Forever Inc. and Oregon Future Natural Resource Leaders joined forces to become partners, allowing high school students across the state to find their own path through career connected learning experiences, leadership opportunities, Career Development Events, and professional mentoring.

Contact: Kirk R. Hutchinson, FNRL Interim Executive Director, 503-550-0471 email: hutchfnrl@gmail.com

“FNRL Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success”
Pape' Celebrates 80 Years
Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Papé’s roots in the West are as deep and far-reaching as the independent, hard-working spirit that drives its customers every day.
In 1938, E.C. Papé arrived in Eugene, Oregon to work alongside his friend at an Allis-Chalmers dealership. Word quickly spread throughout the Willamette Valley about E.C.’s dedication to customer service and dependability. By the mid-1960s, E.C.’s sons, Dean and Ed, introduced the era of the rubber-tired skidders to the Northwest timber industry. Their tireless dedication to Oregon’s logging industry was quickly followed in the 1970s when they were early developers of log loader and single-pass millyard wheel loader conversions. 
In 1990, Randy Papé expanded the business to include Hyster dealerships in Oregon, Washington and California, forming The Papé Group - which now includes Papé Machinery Construction & Forestry; Papé Machinery Ag & Turf; Papé Material Handling; Papé Kenworth; Ditch Witch Northwest and Engineered Products. When he founded Papé, little did E.C. know that his family-owned business would grow and prosper for four generations.
“Whatever your capital equipment need, it is Papé’s job to ensure maximum uptime so we can keep you moving,” said Jordan Papé, President and CEO of The Papé Group. “Through our members’ commitment to always provide our customers with dependable 24/7 service, Papé is dedicated to being the leading supplier of capital equipment in the western United States.” 
As Papé and the Oregon Logging Conference celebrate 80 th years both also recognize the important partnership between the two. The OLC has been important to Pape' as a showcase for its equipment and the opportunity to meet face-to-face with new and current customers.
“Over the years, the Oregon Logging Conference has played an important role in helping Papé build its forestry division,” Jordan Papé said. “E.C. played a big part in the Oregon Logging Conference’s founding. Dean and Randy were instrumental in the conference’s development. Now OLC is a yearly tradition for us to enjoy the company of long-time friends in this industry.”
Whether it was at the Oregon Logging Conference, at the dealership or on a job site, E.C. Papé believed in the integrity of a handshake and a square deal. It’s a bond he believed in then and one Papé intends to keep for the next 80 years.

For more information about The Papé Group Inc., visit www.pape.com
Mary Bullwinkel, Freelance
Rikki Wellman, Conference Manager
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