January 2019 Issue <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Vol.3 Issue 7
In this issue: So much to do, so little time! Learn tips on how to plan your days attending the 81st Oregon Logging Conference, how to earn the maximum pro logger credits (and Oregon and Washington Forest Practices credits) and find out who the 2018 Oregon Operators of the Year are. Easy Quick Links t o the 2019 OLC program schedule, panel and seminar topics, social events, competitions and other activities can be found on the last page of this newsletter.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW!
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OLC would like to thank its partners, the dedicated exhibitors, which represent a huge part of the conference every year. The many exhibitors and sponsors are the reasons the OLC show is the biggest logging, trucking, construction, and heavy equipment show west of the Mississippi and with your help, we continue to grow.
Walking through both the outside and inside exhibits this year, you will find examples of what it takes to keep the logging industry productive and successful. More than 325 exhibitors and sponsors will gladly talk about their products and services, which range from the 99-cent ear protection to the $750,000+ latest technology in logging, trucking, construction, and heavy equipment.
A big thank you to all of the sponsors of the Oregon Logging Conference. Without their continued support, this conference would not be possible.
For a full list of exhibitors and sponsors, click here to view the names on the OLC website.
Still Time To Register for the 81st Annual Oregon Logging Conference,
but Do It NOW!
For less than $100, you can register for the 81st Annual Oregon Logging Conference, with full access to panels, seminars, social events and much more. Here's what is included in the $95 fee:
  • Wednesday pre-registration meet & greet at the Hotel Eugene.
  • Thursday opening breakfast, meetings and social networking at the well-known OLC Sawdust bowl.
  • Friday breakfast, meetings, break-out seminar sessions, and social networking at the well-known OLC Sawdust bowl.
  • An opportunity to sign-up to compete in the 10th Annual Log Loader Competition.
  • The largest logging equipment show west of the Mississippi with millions of dollars of equipment on display.
  • Attend meetings and earn Pro Logger credits.

Click on the logo above to register online or download the registration forms.
Ready, Set, Go!
The 81st OLC is packed with timely and important panel and seminars
T he first two days of the Oregon Logging Conference are full of hands on workshops, panel discussions, and Oregon and Washington Forest Practices seminars.
Hands-on workshops will take place Thursday morning (Cedar Logs and Their Habits), and Friday afternoon (Changes In DOT Truck Regulations You Need to Know About) and (Feller Buncher Best Practices: Operation, Safety and Maintenance)
Panel discussions will take place Thursday afternoon (Better Ideas/New Technology) and Friday afternoon (Life Flight: LZ Loading & Capabilities).
Seminars will take place Friday morning (Final Tier 4 Engines in Forestry Equipment – Operation and Maintenance), Friday afternoon (Agile in The Woods ~ New for 2019 and Capabilities, Loggers! Don’t Leave Culture to Chance!).
The Oregon and Washington Forest Practices seminars will be held on Friday morning, both starting at 8:30 a.m.
The Oregon Forest Practices seminar will include these topics: How To Identify HLHL and Explain the Risk of Owning HLHL Identified Lands, Oregon Forest Practices Act Enforcement – Purpose and Process, Things to Know and Things to Avoid, Reforestation Rules, Written Plans - When Are They Needed, and How to Write Them, Full Bench Road Construction, Techniques and Rules Surrounding This Type of Construction and Locating Suitable Waste Areas for Road Construction Material. The Washington Forest Practices seminar will include these topics: Washington Forest Practices Permitting: Applying for Permit/Communication with State or County, and Temporary Crossings Over Typed Waters and Long Term Harvest Permits.
A complete list of speakers, their background, what topics they will address and the times of their presentations is listed on the Oregon Logging Conference website. Click here to view .
Oregon's Operators of the Year Named for 2018
Eastern Oregon
Brad Clemens
B & M Timber LLC
Burns, OR
Northwest Oregon
Jay Browning
J.M. Browning Logging Astoria, OR
Southern Oregon
Dave Wilkerson
Dave Wilkerson Logging Eagle Point, OR
Loggers protect water quality while harvesting.
Three Oregon loggers representing northwest, eastern and southern Oregon have been chosen as 2018 Operators of the Year. Before the Oregon Board of Forestry honors the recipients at its March 9 meeting in Salem, the winners will be recognized at the Oregon Logging Conference on Thursday, February 21st, at 1:15p.m. The Operators of the Year are:
  • Eastern Oregon – Brad Clemens, B & M Timber LLC of Burns
  • Northwest Oregon – Jay Browning, J.M. Browning Logging Inc. of Astoria
  • Southern Oregon – Dave Wilkerson, Dave Wilkerson Logging LLC of Eagle Point
The Board gives the Operator of the Year Awards to recognize those who, while harvesting timber or doing other forestry work, protect natural resources at a level that goes above and beyond requirements of the Oregon Forest Practices Act. That law requires people to harvest responsibly and protect streams and water quality, protect and enhance habitat, and reduce landslide risks. The law also requires landowners to replant forests after harvesting. The awards honor operators who consistently meet or exceed Forest Practices Act regulations.
Oregon Department of Forestry Private Forests Division Chief Lena Tucker said, “These operators have shown how they can harvest needed wood products in Oregon forests while protecting natural resources. We’re pleased to honor the excellent care and diligence they demonstrate, often in challenging circumstances.”
Brad Clemens of B & M Timber earned the Eastern Oregon Operator of the Year award for minimizing soil disturbance during a winter harvest in a narrow valley. He also protected a fish-bearing stream that runs through the valley. Clemens has also been recognized for helping multiple landowners by careful salvage logging after a devastating wildfire in eastern Oregon
Jay Browning of J.M. Browning Logging Inc. earned the Northwest Oregon Operator of the Year award for protecting streams and improving future fish habitat through structural logging in Clatsop county area. The award also recognizes Browning for decades of consistently applying best management practices to safeguard forest resources, even under challenging circumstances. (Video: https://youtu.be/MSjDT-uesgQ ).
Dave Wilkerson of Dave Wilkerson Logging LLC earned the Southern Oregon Operator of the Year award for safely harvesting a highly visible tract at the entrance to the town of Butte Falls. The tract, amid power-lines and busy pedestrian and road traffic, contained a fish-bearing stream. It took Wilkerson extra effort to harvest near the stream in a manner that protected a buffer zone along the waterway. He also was able to selectively log the tract without damaging younger trees, helping keep the site’s aesthetic appeal for area residents. ODF’s Southwest Oregon District also gave a Letter of Commendation to the landowner, Weyerhaeuser. The company was commended for the responsiveness to community concerns of their logging plan for the Butte Falls tract. (Video: https://youtu.be/c8BJsIHUzYI ).
Regional Forest Practices committees select the operators of the year and merit award recipients from among nominees sent in by landowners, ODF staff and others.
Oregon enacted the Forest Practices Act in 1971 as a national model for forest management laws. The law focuses on ensuring responsible forest operations and protecting natural resources on forestland. The Act has been updated many times based on new scientific information and values to create a balanced approach to natural resource management.
The $26,000 that was raised at the OLC Foundation auction last year provided a financial boost to more than a dozen college students. These students are the up and coming leaders in the logging and forestry industries.

Join us this year for the OLC Foundation auction on both Thursday (February 21st) and Friday (February 22nd), starting at 8 a.m., in the Wheeler Pavilion during the opening session breakfasts both days. Auctioneer will be Jaime Yraguen of Basco Logging Co. Your generosity this year at the OLC Foundation auction will help further the higher educational pursuits of many young students planning a career in the industry.

Here's a list of just a few of the great items donated so far.

 Thursday, February 21st

Friday February 22nd

As the OLCF is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, all donations and purchases are tax deductible. Proceeds from the auction support scholarships awarded to deserving students to help with college-related costs. These students go on to play vital roles in the future of the logging and forestry industry. 

If you would like to donate to this worthy event, contact the OLC office 541.686.9191
Legacy Series Truck Seat donated by
Tikka TX3 Superlite Camo Stainless, 300 Win. Mag. Rifle donated by L&L Inc.
Sears Elite Truck Seat donated by Pape’ Kenworth

Attention Students:
Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Scholarship Applications Are Now Available
The Oregon Logging Conference Foundation is now accepting scholarship applications for the 2019-2020 college year. The applications must be received in the OLC Foundation office no later than May 1st, 2019.

The OLC Foundation scholarship program is available to students who are studying in forestry related areas such as: 

  • Forest Engineering
  • Forest Management
  • Forest Operations Management
  • Heavy Equipment Maintenance and Welding
  • Resource Management
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Other forest /timber industry related areas of study

 Click Here to download the OLC Foundation scholarship application and guidelines.
Download the program schedule (click here) and look it over today. Highlight the panels and seminars that peak your interest and mark the dates and times. Then you can plan ahead and get the most out of the many program topics, seminars and social activities that are planned. 

The best of the best will be on display and there are many activities planned...all in one location. This opportunity comes along just once a year, and this is it! 

Click on the images and logos below to learn more.
10th Annual Log Loader Competition
Click on Photo Below to Watch Video

Three chain saw carvers will create fantastic pieces of art at the Oregon Logging Conference. Come watch them do their magic .
Chainsaw Buzz
by Jay Peppard

Jay lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon, and is a semi-pro wood carver with over 6 years of experience. In addition to the Oregon Logging Conference, he participates in the McKenzie River Chainsaw Art Festival, where he sometimes carves with his father, Mark Peppard. You may have seen his work at stores in the McKenzie Vida area. Visit chainsaw.buzz
Myers Sculpting
by Nick Myers

Nick grew up in Newport, OR, where he learned wood carving from his father, Chris Myers. Nick has been carving as a semi pro for over six years. He lives in Eugene, OR with his father, and carves in Cottage Grove. Nick is known for the “cutest bears in the state of Oregon,” which is also his dad’s specialty. This will be his first year to carve at the Oregon Logging Conference.
Sculptures In Motion
by Ryan Anderson

Ryan started his chainsaw carving career in June of 2005 after being apprenticed by Tracie Brittenfeld of Packwood, Washington. Since that time, Ryan has been competing and receiving awards throughout the country. While representing America in Europe at the English Open, Ryan took both second and third places, and he has traveled to competitions in Scotland and Canada.
Ryan has been carving at the Oregon Logging Conference for nearly 10 years.

Mary Bullwinkel, Freelance
Rikki Wellman, Conference Manager
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