January 2020 | Issue #88
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Only Five Hours to France.
In a Bonanza??
Planning a big trip this summer in your aircraft?
Here's a presentation that's bound to get your adventurous juices flowing. While your trip ideas may not be as big as these guys, the lessons learned from what they did, may provide insight to make yours a little easier.
WEBINAR: Five Hours to France
Encore Evening Presentation
by Popular Demand

When: Thurs, Jan 23, 2020 - 8:00PM EST

SocialFlight President, Jeff Simon, and his sons recently flew from Boston to France in their A36 Bonanza...in 5 hours. How? Join the webinar to find out, along with what's involved with navigating through three countries using BendixKing's AeroNav 800/900 Navigators!

 Join BendixKing Product Marketing Manager and avid pilot, Steven Pearce, along with Jeff, also an A&P/IA mechanic, as they discuss considerations when planning and flying international trips, along with tips for using AeroNav GPS navigators.

Topics include:
  • International flight planning
  • Avionics navigation planning with AeroNav
  • Weather and safety gear planning
  • Documentation and landing checklists
  • Flying with your family
  • Q&A

Produced in association with SocialFlight.com , your webinar registration includes FREE access to information on over 10,000 aviation events, destinations, airport restaurants, contests and more listed on SocialFlight.com, the SocialFlight mobile apps and Local Aviation Event Planner.
Avionics at SMARA
Finding the right solution may not be as easy as simply picking one out of a magazine advertisement. Every aircraft is different, every panel unique. What may be a good solution for your friend’s aircraft may not be the best solution for yours or your personal flying habits and budget.

Allow our team to help you uncover the right solution that maximizes your requirements while maintaining the right budget.

Consultation Services
Scheduling a private consultation with our avionics expert, Eric Lacko, is the best way to learn about all the options available to meet your specific needs in a relaxed and uninterrupted setting.   Schedule yours today!
Maintenance - Inspections - Avionics
One Stop Does It All
Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics 
48 Sky Manor Road
Pittstown, New Jersey 08867

Located at N40, Sky Manor Air Repair and Avionics specializes in providing the GA community with quality and professional services at reasonable rates. We have two IA's and 3 A&P's on staff for routine maintenance, repairs, and avionics certifications and installations. CRS #5S4R079C
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