The following projects are currently under review with the PED Department:

  • Harborview Infill SPR: Application submitted 4/1, routed for tech review
  • Discount Tire SPR: Application submitted 3/29, routed for tech review
  • College Mercantile SPR: Application submitted 3/25, routed for tech review
  • Winslow Ridge PRD/Plat: Revisions under review s
  • Old City Hall SPR: Staff preparing staff report
  • Oslo Bay Apartments: Staff reviewing revised documents
  • Port Breakwater/Marina Expansion: Staff preparing staff report
  • Haugen ACUP/Short Plat: Notice of Decision issued
  • Poulsbo Place Division 8: Notice of Decision issued
  • College Marketplace Apts: Notice of Decision issued
  • Spencer PRD/Plat: Notice of Decision issued
  • Coppertop Storage City Review of County Action. Staff report issued

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