Planning and Economic Development
May 2022
This monthly update is published by the City of Poulsbo Planning and Economic Development (PED) Department to highlight news and trends in planning and development. For details on these topics and the department, visit our website.
The Director's Chair
I am pleased to announce that the department has added a new planner to our planning team. Joseph Gray joined the department on April 18. He is a Tacoma resident that earned his Master of Urban Planning from the University of Washington in 2020 and his Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from the University of Rochester in 2018. He previously interned with the City of Rochester in the fields of neighborhood/business development and with the City of Bellevue conducting outreach for largescale transportation projects including the light rail expansion set to open in 2023.

Joseph fills a position that has been vacant in the department since November 2021. His focus will initially be on the active commercial projects, and in the coming months he will gain experience with the subdivision and planned residential development codes, as well as the shoreline master program. Joseph will also apply his meeting facilitation and outreach skills to our upcoming long range planning efforts.

Joseph, having spent many of his formative years living in a small southern Italian city, feels right at home in Poulsbo. He knew Poulsbo well as he often visits our walkable downtown, many shops, and parks. While he has interned with medium sized cities in the past he is drawn to planning for a smaller city where he can get involved in a variety of current and long range planning initiatives. He is particularly interested in urban design challenges and recognizes that Poulsbo has a unique architectural heritage that is not only worth preserving – but also worthy of influencing future developments to ensure that the vibrant character of the city continues outside of the historic downtown. Joseph looks forward to meeting and working with city residents and business leaders.
Outside of work, Joseph is an avid hiker and camper, and you may find him and his two dogs often wandering the Olympic Peninsula, Whidbey Island, the Columbia Gorge, or the Oregon Coast.
Get to Know The Code -
Detached Accessory Structures
The Summer is approaching. If you enjoy the summer weather you may love to spend time in a greenhouse, need somewhere to stow a mower, want to park your luxury Rolls Royce away from the UV rays, or get away from it all in your she-shed. Well, if you are looking into adding a structure you want to be sure you are up to code with Detached Accessory Structures.

An accessory structure is a detached structure, such as a shed, garage, gazebo or greenhouse, which is secondary to the primary structure on the lot. In residential zones, an accessory structure provides the opportunity to create additional space for storage or work space. Our code is typically easiest understood under two umbrella's: Carports/Garages and Other Structures (Greenhouses, Shed's, etc.).

Some key factors to comply with, as described in the code, are things like height, setbacks from property lines, setbacks from the primary structure, or total building lot coverage. Also, don't forget you may need a building permit depending on the size of your accessory structure. Enjoy the sun!

Want to know more? Please, visit our website or review the handout here.
Progress in Poulsbo - Electronic Vehicle Charging
Electric vehicle charging stations have arrived in Poulsbo and you may have seen some around town. Parking your vehicle and charging it while visiting a business is, for many, replacing the gas station trip. As electric vehicles become more widely adopted, and Washington State plans to ban all non-electric car sales by 2030, it is important that infrastructure and regulations adapt quickly to serve electric vehicle users.

The International Building Code (Section 429) sets requirements for electric vehicle charging infrastructure for Group B (businesses), R-1 (hotel and motel), and R-2 (dorms, long-term boarding, and apartment houses). Where parking is provided, five percent of that parking should now be preserved for electric vehicle charging equipped stalls and at least one accessible parking stall must be served by this infrastructure. It is possible, that in the future a greater percentage of parking could include electric vehicle charging stations as the code requires the electrical equipment and capacity to be pre-built for up to 20% of total parking. Exceptions do exist for properties with less than 20 parking stalls.

The Planning and Economic Development team acknowledges that this new infrastructure will have a visual impact on our city. We will be working to create Poulsbo Municipal Code amendments that will address design and landscaping impacts surrounding this new infrastructure. 
Above: New EV charging station at Safeway.
New EV charging stations at Wal Mart.
Development In Progress - Blue Heron & Noll Terrace
We’re excited to announce that on April 20 both the Blue Heron Final Plat and the Noll Terrace Final Plat were approved by City Council. These projects, located along Noll Road near Poulsbo Elementary School, are advancing quickly. The development projects will add an additional 116 new single-family homes to our housing stock. New roads/sidewalks, a play structure, public trail, and protection of existing critical areas are just some of the amenities that are incorporated as part of these projects.

Looking back, we remember the many stages of these projects. The Blue Heron preliminary plat was originally submitted in 2007 prior to the great recession. It was put on hold several times prior to preliminary approval in 2018. Noll Terrace was submitted in 2019 and received preliminary approval that same year.

Both projects have already built out infrastructure and amenities, and Blue Heron has partly completed construction on their model homes. The following photos are from a visit to the Blue Heron site on April 19.
A Pre-Application Conference is a meeting between a project team and staff conducted prior to the submission of a detailed application. Nearly all projects change after the pre-application conference and prior to application submittal. Typically, projects at this stage are very preliminary. The following pre-app conferences were held in May:

  • Audrey Estates. 59-lot single family subdivision,
  • Green Baily Shoreline Residence. Remodel, expand and/or replace single-family home in shoreline jurisdiction.
Above: Conceptual Site Plan for Audrey Estates.
In the Queue
The following projects are currently under review with the PED Department:

  • Northway Estates. Neighborhood Meeting 5/16.
  • Vinland Elementary Minor SPR. Submitted 5/2.
  • Jackson Short Plat: Notice of Application issued 5/5.
  • McCarry - OMP Lot 5F SPR: Notice of Application w/ODNS issued 5/5.
  • MOD/Chipotle SPR: Request for revisions sent 4/12.
  • Westry Village SPR: Resubmitted and under review.
  • Lincoln Cottages PRD: Request for revisions sent 4/19.
  • 4th Avenue Apartments SPR: Request for revisions sent 4/12.
  • Musick Multifamily SPR: Request for revisions sent 4/27.
  • Blackmore Multifamily SPR: Waiting for resubmittal.
  • Winslow Ridge PRD/Plat: Resubmitted and under review.
  • Oslo Bay SPR: SEPA comment period ended 5/2, appeal submitted.

Keep up to date with active land use projects by visiting our website.
Above: Conceptual Landscape Plan for McCarry Buildings
The Many Roles of PED Staff
Did you know? On top of the larger land use applications, the PED Department staff also responds to public records requests, business license applications, sign permits, tenant improvements, deck permits, grading permits, and code enforcement requests.

For the month of April PED staff reviewed/responded to:

  • 2 Commercial Signs
  • 3 Commercial Tenant Improvements
  • 1 Single-Family Remodel/Addition/Deck
  • 1 Shoreline Exemption
  • 1 Tree Cutting and Clearing Exemption
  • 11 Business Licenses
  • 2 Public Record Requests
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