October 2019
The school year will be ending next month in South Africa, so students will be busy with exams. The year is based on the southern hemisphere school calendar, with the school year starting the third week of January and ending the beginning of December with a long summer holiday of six weeks over Christmas and the end of the year.  There is usually a two week autumn break around Easter, a longer break in winter at the end of June/beginning of July and a short one-week spring break at the end of September. Fourteen public holidays include New Year's Day, Human Rights Day, Good Friday, Family Day, Freedom Day, Workers' Day, Elections, Youth Day, Public holiday, National Women's Day, Heritage Day, Day of Reconciliation, Christmas Day, and Day of Goodwill. (Swaziland, Mozambique, and Lesotho have their own holidays but also follow the southern hemisphere schedule.)
Now we are busy budgeting for next year , since plans need to be in place before the school year starts in January. The ministry has been expanding rapidly and the goal is to stretch funds as far as possible. This requires careful planning by the team in Africa as they have many requests for the program but need to decide where the limited resources will best be used. If you have considered supporting the ministry, or would like to adjust your level of support, please let us know. We welcome donations at any time of the year but it is helpful if we know we will be receiving additional funding as we plan for next year. To our prayer and financial supporters, we appreciate your participation in this ministry. It wouldn't be where it is today (over 225,000 kids involved) without your help!


Now that Christmas is just next month, would you please help us receive revenue from Amazon by entering Amazon through the orange "enter Amazon" button on Prevention Time's home page as you do your Christmas shoppingWe will receive from 4-8% of the amount purchased to support AIDS prevention and youth development in South Africa. If you have signed up with Amazon Smile, please still enter through the website and we will get the higher percentage plus the Smile percentage. If all of our supporters do this now and throughout the year, we can earn some significant revenue, and at no cost to you.  If you are a Prime member, your Prime status carries through and you will still get free shipping.  Thanks for your support during the holidays and throughout the year!

We have decided to view all of our fundraisers (auction, garage sale, clothing drive, and breakfasts) as one bucket, since the lines between them are somewhat blurred. For example, we took some of our nicer clothing items from the clothing drive and sold them at Mindy Sauerlender's garage sale and on ebay. Other clothing items, and some leftover garage sale and auction items were sold on ebay. The clothing drive results were a bit lower than last year (fewer churches are having the large garage sale we pick up from) but again, we're still selling some of those items on ebay. The auction and garage sales were up over last year. As of today, our fundraisers total $29,997 versus $25,509 last year.  Thanks for your support of all our fundraising events!

A training took place in September in Blaaubosch, a small village near Newcastle in the eastern province of KwaZulu-Natal. During the recent Xenophobic attacks, they were heavily hit by the mobs attacking their schools, families and shopping centers. Their clinics were burned down by the angry mobs.  One of the attenders,  Mrs Nxumalo, says   "I am a retired teacher and I now run a homework centre in the village. Our kids aren't performing well in their school work due to lack of support at home as many kids are child-headed due to AIDS killing their parents. R4L is exactly what we need in this community. I cannot believe all these Bibles are freely given to me and my team of teachers to minister life in our centre. This the best gift anyone has ever given me, I will use it wisely. We were taught how to write reports and to plan our lessons wisely to keep kids interested."

Ntombi also attended the Blaaubosch training and says: "Our parents died few years ago and its been tough at home, I am currently doing grade 11 and most my peers have 3 or 2 kids. But I have kept myself because I received a R4L bible from cousin who brought it from Johannesburg last year. Now I have my own R4L Bible and I have decided to start a girl's group in my school. This book is great it brought me through some tough times in my life. I came to know about Jesus through this book. I appreciate the training a lot."
The Rand exchange rate is very good at 15.09 Rand per dollar.
Please enter Amazon through our website, and we will receive a percentage of the amount of your purchase. Thanks for your help!
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