November 2020

As we continue to navigate through the unique and profound events that have defined this year, we now find ourselves tasked with planning for the coming year. With so many unanswered questions still looming, you may be wondering where to start, or whether you should plan at all. As consultants for accreditation, part of our job entails helping clients think through and plan for change while maintaining or even improving on quality of care. 

And so, we say: Despite potential obstacles, continue to plan for 2021. The key is to move forward in a way that establishes best practice efforts and allows for the ability to shift into a well thought out contingency plan.

If you are planning for accreditation but not sure how to weave that into the coming year – start with your Board of Directors and key staff. One of the most beneficial things you can do to ensure an efficient process is to lay the groundwork for communication and buy-in with these two groups. Consequently, if and when things shift or change, you will have the support necessary to make adjustments to move forward. 

Like Accreditation, no matter what direction 2021 takes, planning for best practices, with flexibility to shift as changes emerge, is a strategy that pays off in the long run.


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Getting Your Board on Board
Organizations with a corporate governing board (whether a nonprofit’s board of directors or a for-profit’s board of advisors/trustees) should be sure to actively include this group in the run-up to national accreditation. The video offers advice on how to best do that.
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Behavioral Health: Did you know?

Two interesting articles recently posted in Accreditation Guru Newsroom:

  • Growth for Behavioral Healthcare Market - Changes in service delivery and regulations may be key drivers to behavioral healthcare market growth.

  • Risk Management Planning - Identifying the right questions to ask when deciding the right insurance broker to partner with.
Child Welfare: Getting Your Board on Board for Accreditation

Having a leadership team (including board members and key staff) embrace the importance of accreditation will not guarantee a successful outcome, but if leadership does not support accreditation, then you are very likely to have problems. 

More info here for working proactively with your board and getting them on board for accreditation.
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"The journey to accreditation was made achievable because of the consistent support and direction of our Accreditation Guru representative Diane. She provided insight and perspectives that were always about making us better to provide the most exceptional services to children and youth. Thank you for a great collaboration and partnership, Accreditation Guru."
-Joseph Birli, Ed.D., LPC, NCC / Chief Executive Officer / Bethany Home

Congratulations to Bethany Children's Home achieving accreditation with
The Joint Commission and thank you to our amazing consultant, Diane Barnes!
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Congratulations to AdvanceOnline Solutions, Inc. for achieving IACET accreditation.
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AG Continues to Grow - Welcome Marcel Rivas MS, LMHC!
Marcel C. Rivas has over 26 years of professional child welfare, adoption and human services experience serving in administrative, senior management, supervisory and direct service roles. He has over 18 years of accreditation experience as a Peer Reviewer, Team Leader and Commissioner for the Council on Accreditation (COA). Marcel is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and a consummate results-oriented, innovative professional. Click here to view Marcel's full bio.
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