At SCC, we are continuing our preparation toward an on-time opening of camp this summer. To help us properly plan, we are reaching out to our camp families who have yet to enroll, to share information about our “Waitlist”.
We recognize your summer plans may currently be on hold and/or you may be hesitant to commit to enrolling in camp during these uncertain times. With that being said, we also want to be sure we’re properly preparing for this summer, regarding staffing and transportation, so that we can accommodate new camper enrollments.
As we move forward, all new enrollments will automatically be placed on a Waitlist. A $2,000 deposit per camper for our regular camp season (6/29 through 8/21) and a $500 deposit for our post-camp season (8/24 through 9/4) will hold your spot on the Waitlist and the Waitlist deposit is fully refundable under all circumstances   (if no space is available, if you decide not to enroll, or if camp is unable to open this season).  As more information becomes available about the upcoming summer, we will reach out to families on the waitlist with “next steps" - under this new modified enrollment structure, our camp families can maintain maximum flexibility  within the current uncertainty while  providing important information along the way to allow for each of us to plan accordingly.
The Waitlist will operate on a   “first come, first serve basis” so if you believe you will likely be joining us this summer, then you should secure a spot at your earliest convenience.  As space becomes available in the appropriate age-group, we will move campers from the waitlist. 


CLICK HERE   to fill-out our online camper application which will secure your spot on the Waitlist. Please note that all camper applications MUST be completed online and we are unable to secure a spot on the Waitlist over the phone. We will follow up on the phone for each application we receive.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this email and let’s set-up a time to chat. It’s our goal to help you navigate these difficult times and provide any assurances necessary to help you plan for the upcoming summer.

69 days to camp!

Thomas & Danielle
Director & Associate Director