Summer starts right after the Fourth of July  and this year is no exception. The forecast is for near record heat this week. This weather will test your irrigation system and our crews work schedule.  Almost all of the sites we maintain are irrigated with automatic irrigation and some are controlled by Weather Based Irrigation which is the best to make the daily corrections to the variable weather, cutting back on irrigation when cool or rainy, and increasing when hot and dry. It is mostly chosen to assist in water conservation and cost savings but is great to boost watering during heatwaves like we are having this week.

Regardless of automatic irrigation and weather based control. Heat like this week will test most systems. Some lawns are almost impossible to keep wet enough due to tree root compition or poor soil. We will increase watering but some dry spots will occur. In addition, any system disruption, whether due to construction and sealcoating, or system breaks, will result in rapid development of dry spots. We work diligently to facilitate or correct these issues. If you notice any issues, please let us know and we will get right on it.  In addition to protection your landscape, we are also concerned with protecting our crews against heatstroke. We will be starting at 5:00 am this week to get done with our work as early as possible. We hope this does not impact you, but we need to do so to protect our team.  
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