Dear Assumption Students:
I hope this message finds you well as you prepare for the arrival of spring break. As you make travel plans for the week, please be aware that several countries have been impacted by coronavirus. 
If you are traveling internationally, know that the response of foreign governments to coronavirus varies. For example, in the northern region of Italy, there are 11 towns under quarantine. At our Rome Campus, following a directive issued by the Italian government, all College-sponsored and independent travel to Lombardy and Veneto in Italy was suspended. Earlier this week, Tuscany was added to the suspended travel list. For those with plans to travel to Italy, I urge you to avoid these areas.
Prior to traveling internationally, I encourage you to thoroughly review the U.S. State Department’s Travel Warnings and Advisories and individual U.S. Embassy websites . It is important to note that if you are located in an area that is placed under quarantine, neither the College nor the U.S. embassies or consulates can secure your release. 
While coronavirus has not impacted the Worcester or Rome Campuses, influenza is prevalent in Massachusetts. Please review flu prevention recommendations issued by the CDC . If you are interested in learning more about coronavirus precautions, please refer to the message sent to the campus community on January 28.
Please be mindful of this situation as you plan for spring break travel. I wish you a safe, healthy and restful spring break.