Wishing You a Happy New Year!

We want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year.

Last year marked our 30th year in business, so it was a special milestone and year for Orcutt & Company. We also made the 2018 Business Courier list of top 25 accounting firms based on size.

We hope last year—and 2019—is just as special for you, too.

From all of us at Orcutt: we wish you a prosperous and successful 2019!
Get to Know Heather Christie, Payroll Specialist

Heather Christie is a Payroll Specialist who has been with Orcutt & Company for 6 years.

Her role involves payroll processing and quarter-end payroll taxes for clients.

Outside of work, she has many passions, including a love of photography as well as her "fur babies."

What do you enjoy about your role?  The variety of clients I interact with.

Coffee or tea?  Coffee

What are you most thankful for this past year? I am most thankful for friends and family.

What is something clients might be surprised to learn about you?  I am a 1 st  degree black belt in Martial Arts.

How do you spend time outside of work?  Weather permitting, I enjoy rides with my husband on our Harley. 

What’s your favorite vacation destination and why?  The mountains!  

What is a book you would recommend?   Any book by Nicholas Sparks.

What’s one of your proudest moments?  Watching my sons graduate.
This Ruling Belongs to the Reds

Did you hear about the court case involving the Cincinnati Reds and whether or not the franchise needed to pay sales tax on bobbleheads they give away to fans at games?

How the Case Came About

The reason this case was in court was because the Ohio Department of Taxation told the Reds that they owed about $88,000 in taxes for bobbleheads and other items that had been given out to fans between 2008 and 2010.

That’s where the dispute arose, with both sides having a compelling argument in their favor.
The Reds Come Away with the Win

Ultimately, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled 5-2 that the Reds do not have to pay taxes on items like bobbleheads, t-shirts, player cards, tote bags, and other trinkets given to fans at games.

The reasoning: the Reds were able to show that the cost of the items were factored into ticket prices.

The ruling also made it clear that this was no “bobblehead loophole” when it comes to paying taxes. If, for example, other teams discount ticket prices, they may still need to pay taxes on such promotional items. 

Tax Tips for the Start of 2019
This can be a time when many business owners tidy up those loose (tax) ends!

Here are three tips for you as you look ahead:

Consider Contributing to a Tax-Qualified Retirement Plan in 2019

We can help make sure you are aware of business tax deductions for costs related to running the plan and employer contributions to your plan this next year. And remember other tax benefits—such as growth in the account being tax-deferred until withdrawal.

Use the Right Bookkeeping Program

Ask us if you need help in changing (or selecting) a bookkeeping platform this year.

Take Advantage of New Tax Rules

Depending on your business and other factors, there may be many ways the tax law changes may help you minimize taxes this year. For example: ask us about the new option to expense certain items immediately or over time if you haven’t talked to us about it yet. ( Source.)

Have questions or want more advice? Give us a call to schedule an appointment: (513) 576-1989.
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