Every Fall we begin planning for the New Year to continually improve our service. To do so, we survey our customers, meet with our employee teams, and attend industry conferences and our Industry Peer Group conference. This year was a little unique as most had to be done with online surveys and virtual meetings. But we are getting used to this in 2020 so all went well. Following this we had a virtual strategic planning session with our managers and develop our 2021 plan.
Below are our 2021 strategic intentions:
1.   Establish Site Report to provide property evaluations and recommendations to assist clients in making the best value choices to manage their landscape asset. 
2.   Continue to develop Water Conservation for customers through Smart Irrigation and Water Conservation Plan development.
3.   Continue to improve our operational plan through LEAN process management and production innovation to improve efficiency to control costs while improving horticultural services.
4.   Develop additional training resources to expand the technical knowledge of our team, improving their performance and enhancing their career opportunities. 

2020 was a challenging year for all but we all learned how to utilize technology to communicate and process much of our operation without in person meetings with customers and our team members. We will take this new skill set to help us improve efficiency and time management but very much look forward to in person contact again. Our business is about taking care of plants, but our passion is taking care of people and look forward to seeing you all again, in person, and not just on Zoom.